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ITT, You ask TGRR anything about history, and get the REAL TRUTH™

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The Good Reverend Roger:
We all know that Herodotus just made shit up, Plutarch wasn't much better, and Tacitus was a gossipy old prude.  Nobody even knows who Homer was, or when he lived, so he isn't very reliable, either.  Modern "historians" are political hacks, and I rather suspect all historians - ever - were, too.

As your Spiritual Advisor™, though, I am pretty much omniscient, and I can give you the real goods.  Ask me anything about what really happened, and I'll set the record straight, once and for all.  This can range from "Who actually won a given war?", to, "How accurate was that one TV show?", to, "What part of Scotland's history caused them to be such amazingly friendly and outgoing people?"

DISCLAIMER:  As most teachers and professors are hidebound worshippers of people like "Bede" and some lady called "Livy", the use of these answers in school/university may garner less than desireable results.  Tell them what they want to hear, and spread the Truth™ in other venues.

Thurnez Isa:
What were the causes of the decline of the Roman Empire?

Why did Henry 8 REALLY need to keep remarrying?

What really caused the sinking of the USS Maine? 

Cainad (dec.):
Semi-historical: What sociopolitical factors led to the current state of the History Channel? Nostradamus, UFOs, etc.


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