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Started by Cramulus, August 21, 2009, 05:48:05 PM

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So my baiting got buried in the The Discordian Menace thread... then I noticed the last post of her was in the DON'T GET DISCORDIANS?!?!?! thread:

Quote from: Lena
Quote from: alty
OK. Here's the deal. Ima level with you, let you in on our little secret.

It's all made up! We just make it up as we go along and other's agree with come of us or not.

Just like every other religion. The only difference is we know how ridiculous it is.

And the reason for being a part of it?

If this is a belief system that works for you, I do wonder how do you stand on politics or even yet for ethnicities.. Why would you bother to vote? Or defend your country if necessary?
I mean, if you are able to see the ridiculousness behind religions why stop there? What on Earth stops you from calling yourself a nihilist?

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Of COURSE we are a nihiliss, silly!
THIS JUST IN: Traffic Tranny!.

You love her.
I love her.
ALLLLLL muffuggas want to love her.