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Mt FuGi in October of 2011

Started by hirley0, July 23, 2011, 01:14:46 PM

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  :fnord: Link2Round major "10/11" problem FOUND 9/11
back2 4C4  fwd2=10deG

20110910 these days i use the R group to do Img:
20120406 FULL MOON  :fnord:
20120505 TBD
2pick UP tail v


FULL MOON REV 8/15 NAration

0098 8/20 10:10 pd 6.3  ? 8/20 10 pd 9B
As the official Lines of post "O" above change i'LL change this 1 Too.-.
E1 at 01:10:18 PM  1:10pm_B = 1:01? 1Bp+8=9Up | 4aU-7=p9Pdt+12= 2137 ?
Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 19:37:22 UTC ? Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 04:37:22 AM
No Comprend'  (Comprenda'?

20110821 3:22AM pdT 2B OK so i'LL Try to comprehend what i see
thUS (IF) for some UNknown Reason U do get the photo above ?
yet to be entered 3:29 AM Realize THat for me it is no simple
task as the WiFi connection speed varies from 54mps to 1.01 as
I DO try to alter the post to include todays Mag 5 as P/o data

8/27 its to soon to get a real taste of this
HOWEVER, if things go according to MyLi there should be the sulfer
taste in the deep water wells some where along the F line (about 141E}?

Disco Pickle

Are quakes really this predictable? 

"Events in the past may be roughly divided into those which probably never happened and those which do not matter." --William Ralph Inge

"sometimes someone confesses a sin in order to take credit for it." -- John Von Neumann


Only Ocasionally { there are rounds when ROUNDs simply do NOT work.
Quote from: Disco Pickle on August 02, 2011, 02:11:45 PM
Are quakes really this predictable?  

LimeGreen 2011 8/13   read top down
CLICK color=QUAKE [X]=File$ Not Found   [X]= 7/25 7/31 8/1 8/11 8/??
0094 8/17 35.961°N, 139.703°E Depth   81.6 km (50.7 miles)
0095 8/17 36.206°N, 140.039°E Dept89.3 km (55.5 miles)
0097 8/18  .-. 37.667°N, 141.747°E Depth 39.1 km (24.3 miles) 10B/19?5U
= = = = I DO doubt ThaT ^ .-.'
0098 8/19 6.3 37.673°N, 141.716°E Depth 43.6 km (27.1 miles) 8/20 10 pd 9B
0101 8/20 4.8 38.629°N, 141.835°E Depth 35.4 km (22.0 miles) 1:01B
0102 8/20U 5 38.695°N, 141.818°E Depth   52.2 km (32.4 miles)2:10,15&51B/21
0104 8/21U 4.5 36.845°N, 140.388°E Depth   54.2 km (33.7 miles)2:50B8/22 & 4:04
0109 8/25 side note 8:56B KC NW
0118 8/27 4.9 37.072°N, 141.095°E Depth   56.1 km (34.9 miles)
^ this one probably will be REMoved as its maybe not in the F line {donno thou
0123 8/31 4.7 38.472°N, 141.790°E Depth   54.5 km (33.9 miles)
9/3 4.7 35.780°N, 139.389°E Depth   95.2 km (59.2 miles)
^ that 1 is in the HoMe park Thus i do doubt the #'$ e$pCIAllY the km v miles D

Mesozoic Mister Nigel

Quote from: Disco Pickle on August 02, 2011, 02:11:45 PM
Are quakes really this predictable? 

No, unless Hirley0 has figured out an algorithm that predicts them, in which case we should be paying a lot more attention to his posts.
"I'm guessing it was January 2007, a meeting in Bethesda, we got a bag of bees and just started smashing them on the desk," Charles Wick said. "It was very complicated."


9/29 5.1 10:05:08 37.196°N, 140.620°E 6.3 mi
9/23 4.9 13:12:11.100 39.278°N, 141.939°E 30.1 mi
9/23 5.0 08:16:01 36.791°N, 140.474°E 21.7 mi
9/22 5.0 19:59:18 37.383°N, 141.448°E 8.6 mi
9/21 5.2 13:31:03 36.763°N, 140.321°E 31.9 mi
9/20 5.0 20:59:05 38.575°N, 141.744°E 35.7 mi {R191
9/18 5.1 18:32:24 37.823°N, 141.412°E 26.5 mi {R184
9/12 4.9 17:42:42 36.571°N, 140.924°E 38.0 miles {R 166
9/3 4.7 U=20:52:49 P=35.780°N, 139.389°E 59.2 mi {R=132 8U155
_Read bottom UP : A regurGItatION { Fu Line ____(N-S)_______ ^

9/11 A Major "10/11" problem was found in the quake round graphic {R=163
it may appear to me two Line groups R emerging N-S Above E-W beloW

vRead down for Gi line =======(E-W)========== v
9/11   4.6 10:09:28 35.510°N, 140.013°E (39.7 miles Not F = TBd
9/12   5.0 23:02:42 35.694°N, 143.323°E 16.2 miles {R 166
9/16   4.6 35.465°N, 140.850°E 26.0 miles {R= 178
9/30  4.7 17:20:04 35.371°N, 140.827°E 30.8 mi {R224

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Read Across > iu _Line Yesterday at 02:18:07 PM


20110912 R166 it may indeed be the case
ThaT a simple gps unit placed strategically
at this time wiLL indeed offer information concerning
the Above ?

20110916 R178 IF i do find a link to the above information?
i'LL provide it asap. in the mean time,, this is mY version of
events near 141E(n-s) & 35.5N(e-w) may be false
&/OR miss leading

20110918 R184 i DO NOT think Sundays event needs to be
an entry (other than a scratch) However i do tire of my second guessing
about entries ((SO)) i'Poise it wiLL REMain as P/O depth /T data } go B S

20110920 R191 Yawn: Same Song? to Far North to be counted

20110921 R192 yEAh thats more like ATTemptIng A StormY ?
Approaching FuGi & Rising? the Question is When wiLL she Surface.
if in fact she reaLLy does. then again PaiLa could be a He. He then
would made aLL bets Off?/? \-\.
03:19:02 AM iu_Line 02:22:36 PM

20110922 R207 So? by now: iT should be very clear these LiNEs
R simple propaganda (HOWever) they aRe noT of by Go.Mint for GO.MINT
g/G/Gv for short, but simply my Regurgatations. & by this TIME 1:23 PDT I do
suspect things i see on the web (such as 1959 as an example of g/G/Gv'N  
12:23:25 AM

20110923 R210 SEE depth plot in post 7 below 1/4 after /-/

20110924 R213 WHAT?wrong 11 after


6:54am pdT
9:11 PM pdT A depth plot along the F-LiNE is Forth comming
ClearLy the trend is tward the surface ETA TBD /-/at 08:11:00 PM
Friday by this time? the 1959 number has been entered
this is ONE number that seams UNlikely to me not to be Miss Leading
i've several Reasons for my doubts about it. 1 i'LL list is 1 digit Depth 8.6

YES: of course i unDerstand.. i'z just Repeating myself

However as the upcoming ?"WINDOW"?
OPENS a few pre thoughts {seam to me to be in order) a 7.0000000
is nothing to sneeze about? sure if ON 141 {4cas4) that's shallow water
if in the Sea at all, depending on Lat. Later maybe a different picture
wiLL emerge. for now the subject REMains TwO DAYS PRIOR to Peri..

7 DID NOT occure the was 2 days after (common

F30 i AM Glad Sept is over | Sat color will change from green to pink


M10   :fnord: Fu 5.7 27.2 m
F7 Gi(E-W) 4.6 23.4 m
U6 4.7 iu 18.4 m | ns 4.7 19.4 m
W5 4.9 5.5 m | 4.9 6.1 m iu (W)nw-se
T T4 Fu(N-S) 4.8 12.2 m Gi(E-W) 5.0 18.0 m
M3 5.3 4.7
Sat 10/1 ALLthough as is Easily see, i've been wrong many times over
about events in September of 2011 in this thread: Yet i'LL continue on.
its my guess that September's main event (there was NoNE) is over as of
read 224 Oct isa New MooN away in the future /t v /-/ tbc from LiMe 2morrOW

EoR {End of Report) ^ READ up ^


S16 eXpect A 2nd Approaching img v week v :fnord:F :fnord:Global
M17 ? A 4.8 T18- W19- :fnord:U20 :fnord:F21 s22 {yeah:
S23 :fnord:24 :fnord:25 :fnord:PM 26 27 28 29

reboot time MY observation of these events (Oct FuGi)
comes to a close. the eXpect {i mean looked4 event(volcanic activity)}
did NOT occure. I did think as part of the 1/1000 cycle (P_0) that 1
might. {(NOT  SO)} IT WAS A WASH ...  thats about all i have to say



3 BEN IT IS NOT clear to me at this time? where this is going |
6 CIB THE SOUND of radioactivity in Japan opb/TV 3/11

My reason for doing this WAS to convert Ms to Bq
A conversion that is not actually possible. Figure the tail out 4yourself
REMember 4me the debait is about 9. Quakes & the energy required
to be converted to Bq ?/? "one person alone" Wondering  |out of base?
& in the forseeable future about the energy of the upcomming Volcano
in ERGs ? 10^12 - 10^24 ? now back to the 38 yr stories {& Orange TV

Quote from: hirley0 on December 15, 2011, 04:21:18 PM
20111215 8:22AM pSt
THIS was an effort at VOLCANIC prediction {sorry 2B confused


:fnord: sakurajima
:fnord: Mount_Unzen

34 Micro sieverts per hour * 24h/d *365d/y ?= .29784 = 300Ms/Yr ?
obviously: i do not know what i mean by that. the point i will try to
MAKE refers to energy measured in ergs? this will take time 7:58 PM  Half-life 30.17 yr
beta emission ? (an electron or a positron) is emitted from an atom
energy (Q), around 1 MeV to a few tens of MeV 1 erg = 6.24E5 MeV
8:11 PM oK NOW question Quakes| Remember i do NOT agree with this .
Mount St. Helens released 24 megatons of thermal energy
A magnitude 5.1 earthquake ?

REMember?  Bs (BASIC STUFF} is about understanding {getting a gripe on)
Volcanic activity? {that i assume will be upcoming) prior to my exit. That
is very soon {relative| so i watched segment 2 of the OPB/pbs Radiation
report from ? Japan / Chernobal. about melted snow ?/?/?/?/, this time
the sound emitted from the measuring device was very brief. but the meter
(digital) readout could be seen on the TV screen {took a year b4me.see
The reading was 2.4xy (what the units were i dont know sounded like 34 uS
MICRO SIEVERTs /per {see YESterdays remARKs. the reading {digital) from
Chernobal was 4.5zx { say twice the number| scale unknow byMe | no life
- 2012 03/12 Miles, REPORT2
FROM: Miles O'brian in Town of Nomia? Japan 5 miles from Fucushima
radiation "WAS" 35mili Si per yr |YOKO MATSUZAKI house / homeowner
12 miles North ? hot soil ? k. Yushida | Minamisoma | kids to play
40 miles snow on rice farm ? Cedar Forest ? pine neadels ? CS dust
u of kiev 4.922 radalert *ector | Red forest 1986 Canodi Villinesky
"radalert INSPECTOR 12 15 | ndres Moller | UoParis-SUD | greeness of
VEGITATION ?? Tim Mousseau U/SC | ABOVE 50 = NO RETURN |

2012 03/09 4:53 PM the pbs newshour has just finished, about Radiation?/?
AS i look forward to what i will label as H2SO4 Songs | one lingers in
the recesses of my mind? i think it was from  the musical Sweeny tood
{never mind| the OPB segment had audio from the counter that would be

recordable, that i could capture on my computer if i can catch a rebroadcast
of what i just listened to. 34u$i per Hour was the title with 20 as Default
limit & yes 33 was mentioned as also ran {never mind|NEXT GET A LINK TO:
one curie = 37e9 disintegrations per second,
becquerel (Bq), 1 Bq = 1 disintegration per second

------------v during radiological incidents involving international responders.
One rad  .01 J /Kg 1 Gy = 100 rad  {1J/Kg| 
effective dose (Sv) = dose (rad) × quality factor


2012 03/13 6AMish the Question {now Arises)(& vanishes 2quickley} about
VOLCANIC  activity? Oh yeah the Question{returned) WAS about the M scale
M for Magnitude. THUS: i must search 4the WiKi MATH formula | takes time
6:44AM 1. reconect to wifi 2: webcrawler :fnord:
3? earthquake magnitude scale de_scale :fnord:
In all cases, the magnitude is a base-10 logarithmic sc
ale obtained by calculating the logarithm
of the amplitude of waves measured by a seismograph
= =
quake that measures 5.0 on the Richter scale has a
shaking amplitude 10 times larger
and corresponds to an energy release
of √1000 ≈ 31.6 times greater than one that measures 4.0
: : :
the ABove is pure Science BS {Basic Stuff)
let me eXplain 'poise there is a FeeMail named earth
7 two Males Rich5 & Dick4 | 'Poise next D4 goes 1st
1 thrust & R5 second for 1 | the the above √1000 ≈ would apply
? ? ? ?
However reexamin the situation 'poise now D4 takes time
to finish FOUR Minutes. and that now it is R5's turn
For more than Four Hours. Get it? the amount of ?"HEAT"?
call it :"to an energy release": is not what Richter says due to dT' 7AM


::::::::::6:58 AM 2012 03/14 My coverage of nhk coverage of 6.8
::::::::::::::::::::::::::6:58 AM iteration ? 6 opb ? TV 6:59 AM opb bird chirp
:::::::::::::::::::6:59 AM opb/Jeff by the min 7:00 Mich 9:95 6.1 5+ scale 7
:::::::::::::::::::7:01 AM NE no damage " China in BJ 7:02 tow bow inflation
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::7:02 AM Slow Econ Growth | congress 7.5 < 8%
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::7:03 Auto '09 | 2.5% | 99
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::7:04 painfull time RUal3 sub
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::7:05 1 CHild Living std Problems Downgrade
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::7:06 foo&fen 7:0 eoc Yen tise
7:06 greece gas hi 152. $1.80
7:07 bancock Leon cabooALL
7:08 INTO HOME investigation | DEATH SENTRNCE
7:09 Bangledsh daka | Mo farry | investigate
7:10 Maintained eoB
boson hadron God Particle CERN 27KM
7:11 protons Scientest 6B$ replace Boson
isreal palistien 7:12 25P- Serian Land Mines :::
7:12 Horrific {Multi Ref Briticina
7:13 online version
ne coast of Japan | things WHERE | falling apart
7:14 MUD untouched | 7000 prjects 7:15 eoc