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Rebooted Time, part 1: Dok Loses the Plot

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Doktor Howl:
Second Saturday was a disaster.  Just as the vendors and musicians finished setting up, the rain came.  To call the storm “biblical in proportion” would not be an exaggeration.  The underpasses all flooded, and it took all damn evening to find a route to the Meet Rack.  Dom, my old army buddy, and Frank the Bastard’s brother Willy were a little dismayed…But Tucson has taken a dislike to them, and this was only to be expected.

By the end of the evening, I was completely twisted on benzos and cheap bourbon.  Normally, this just leads to bad behavior…But not last Saturday.  Instead, I lost the plot for a moment, I had absolute clarity.  I could see – all at once – the rank stupidity that you and I are forced to deal with, each and every day.

This didn’t lead to a Roger-esque losing of shit…No, instead, I just sort of sat there, contemplating everything from the president and his banker buddies, right down to everyday, mundane idiocy.  My son is old enough to carry a rifle, for example, but not old enough to sit down with us over a beer (half of the crew are either in the service, or are veterans).

I could also see the logical end of the current insanity that plagues the United States, and it ain’t pretty.  It’s gotten so bad that most people just look away, just filter it all out through a head full of viral ideas, like running the 5th pot of coffee through the same filter and grounds.  Looking away won’t help, of course…The train is still coming.

And in this case, I’m pretty sure the train represents widespread civil unrest (at least) beginning in early 2013.  Let’s face facts.  Whichever side loses the election in 2012 won’t accept the results.  People have decided that the fact that they, personally, didn’t vote for whomever wins an election means that – for them – the election results are somehow voided.  You first saw this with President Bush, and it increased by an order of magnitude when Obama took office.

Combine that with a legislative branch that can’t even pass a budget, and I think the direction we’re headed in is pretty clear. This worries many people, but not me.  No, my problem with the USA is that it never got weird enough for me, and now it’s looking like it just might.  This IS, after all, exactly what these retards have been DEMANDING.  And now they’re going to get it, good & hard.  Personally, I find this to be funny as hell.

When they realize what they’ve actually voted for – or rioted for – they won’t be happy.  That’s the problem with getting what you want, as opposed to what you need, isn’t it?  Sure it is.  The yahoos yell and scream for their corporate heroes, and they won’t be denied, no matter how bad they’re going to get fucked.

But why?  What would make people on both sides of the aisle do such stupid things?

Simple…For once, they’ve found something to believe in.  Something that makes them feel alive, if only while they’re screaming.  Deep down inside, they know that the simple answers given to complex problems won’t do a damn thing, but they can pretend that they will.  In fact, they’ve invested so much emotion into this ersatz life that they’ll stomp the mortal shit out of anyone who tells them that their heroes are monsters, and that when the harvest comes in, they will not be saved.

Crazy Eddie, as I have said before, cannot be stopped…And now I know why.  He makes these people believe that they may actually have a say in their fate (while at the same time making sure that they don’t), and he gives them something to believe in an incredibly cynical world.  They are using weird belief to filter out the horrors of daily life, the tidal wave of bad signal that they are exposed to, each and every day of their little grey existence.

This is why they cannot be convinced to get off the tracks.  They are told that the train is evil, and must be derailed, and they will all cheerfully throw themselves in a big heap on the tracks in order to do so. 

And you and I know what the result of that will be…A massive spray of mangled limbs and mangled lives, a general collapse of our current system, and a generation – at least – of abject misery.  And a train that never even slowed down.  A train with a new conductor…Whose face may or may not be known to us now, and who will be the face of what’s left of our empire, at least until he is assassinated and replaced with the next would-be Augustus that comes down the line.

Meet the new imperator, same as the old imperator.

Okay for now,

Dysfunctional Cunt:
If you can't lie to yourself eh?

I really like this, it depresses the hell out of me, but I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this shit that is going on.  I was begining to think I was losing it.


Nice dose of reality Dok!  I think it's time. 

Damn, Dok...

People are gonna get the government they deserve...  and it is all going to explode, sooner or later. Probably sooner.

The sad part is that most won't realize it's what they begged for.

Doktor Howl:

--- Quote from: Luna on September 12, 2011, 06:31:23 pm ---Damn, Dok...

People are gonna get the government they deserve...  and it is all going to explode, sooner or later. Probably sooner.

The sad part is that most won't realize it's what they begged for.

--- End quote ---

I, for one, intend to remind them.   :lulz: 

Because I can't think of anything more satisfying than saying "I told you so" to 160 Mn cretins.

Eve Hill:
Fantastic post, Dok.  :mittens:


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