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Started by hirley0, October 04, 2011, 04:01:59 PM

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^=== 20111025 ===^

Lemme tRY to eXplain. My idea on the solution is this
= =
To remonitize Gold, Silver, & Copper's & Monitize Oregon
Forest Woods activated in Japan March11-May12, & Water's
: : :
for eXample the price of Gold wiLL be (overnight) increased
60 times its price in effect the day My appointed predicessor
takes control of pricing|Silver=Gold/60 & cu=Si/60 Got it ?
? ? ? ?
My Tour of duty to last one day. the final day of the current
method of determining AU:Ag prices. My appointed Predicessor
(the french Man) Whos Main Job is to Appoint his Follower ?
on his first day. &To serve A limit term of 1Yr 1Mo & 1day.
the CLear object in eLectricaL generation is to get the sit
on your ass governments out of this business & put the
Military people in charge of construction (Stand UP & Count
No More Grid, got it! individual NEW units(portable)aFORDable
first modle to be named "ProLifeRate" UNderstand? TBC-

Disco Pickle

Oh, so this is what you were on about in that other post.

Still not entirely clear on the concept, your reasons for revaluing the base 3 metals.

Also, new, individual, portable units?  generators? 

"Events in the past may be roughly divided into those which probably never happened and those which do not matter." --William Ralph Inge

"sometimes someone confesses a sin in order to take credit for it." -- John Von Neumann


s8 Clearing Skys {West) {1st time this week /PDx
2012 F7 7:
20111005 7:27:26.254 pdT 6:27:?? Board
IT's not a good time for me to try to REMember the main points
Maybe Next Year 2012 (EoM} End of Mayan CaL ? {Thanks)

Quote from: Disco Pickle on October 04, 2011, 04:11:38 PM
Oh, so this is what you were on about in that other post.
Still not entirely clear on the concept, your reasons for revaluing the base 3 metals.
Also, new, individual, portable units?  generators?  
X My answer was sent to tHIS thread (&My 0-pology for being Miss Leading /-/


F14 9:58:02orange By Jan 0 12 i should be on Yearly basis IF around
U13 3:31:48 purple By October 2011 i had left UniVerse Time(terms) 4_1/4
W12 8:25:19 BROWN
T11 4:51:25 TeaL
M10/10 2011 My interest is Min Tuesday, October 18, 7:00 PM
S_10/9 Bazi Bierbrasserie 1522 SE 32nd Ave
HUb's COLORED  pick :fnord:
Wrong colored BRANCH :fnord: WRong date?
^READ DAYS bottom up this week^ "odd"


16,17,18 clear skies,19 6am darkness 20NHK?7 21 22 :fnord:
23 :fnord:24 :fnord:25^ 26 27 28 29
=========================================  ^-----20111025-----^
11:58 = Looks like an 11:30 -12 ban of  imG has been lifted ?/?
Maybe the site was busy? it gets that way at times? OR ?/?


7 BEN   "New Clear News" (reed\day) 11/30
0K : As mentioned most news is in suspension during reboot days?
the last week of the month(Nov) & the 1st 1 in Dec ? however
some of the updates are lingering from todays(29) NHK broadcast
As being Anti New clear News has a broad popular following on TV
So what was it about. Iron {pipes) v Neutron proliferation ?
Listen it is not cLaER to me the details of the segment : My
guess is yes Something does take place & No No one seams to have
a very Clear picture{anamation) of the process Or processesses ?
9:06  & WHILE on the subject Death of a planet, as it does
seam clear to me that Mars did have water on its surface in its
distant past. WHAT comes to my mind is noT Meutrons but Electrons
i mean something along the lines of WHO gave any nation the right
to eLectrofy? to generate all those eLectrons to light up the
Night sky? I mean it ? WHO? not i for sure . THEY do NOT have it.

7 AHAU  "New Clear News" (lord\day) 11/17
11/14 21:12 African Volcanoe//O.pdx bbc
11/13 09:31 My guess is this CN# is Rep/War/D'bait CH6 (ABC) only ? / Portland/Adams/Oc
2011 11/10 16:43 safecast{opb} :" Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time. ":

6 CIMI ?U11/3
zeon  133 (west gate) tail of new Clear Non ¢ents 07:15 NHK TAIL'$
From Columbia U 07:16:17.189 (TempeL Tail } culture (road)
07:17 Temple "Atomic Leakage" building (B'$) Patients Model way
= =
good way ? REVival /\/ /-/ /< 07:21 Weather Showers Korea dry
temp above Normal | Cascaids ? first snows 07:25 back to the Z?
Name: Xenon Symbol: Xe number: 54 Atomic weight: 131.293 (133}?
: : : weLL i guess the fog tail takes
over from here. 07:39 = I can today (this moning see the WEST
HiLLs radio towers. For the past few days this was not possible
due to low clouds OR Morning Fog (above 600}? feet (Comprenda'?-

^ ----- Mayan #'s/colors(13) in effect ----- ^
?/? Yesterday at 05:03:34 AM


time.h NOT working 4Me 2day 11MEN

:fnord: 7


6 IK EoP?
4 AHAU TRIPPING2  McLib & VA 2day
it takes 1/4 hour to SAVe
3 CAUAC{storm  IT TooK most of the news hour to get :fnord:

20120404 15:55:55.55 pdT /apt 502

3 4

as i REMember this was from NHK today T? at 7:11

^ READ UP ^ ?/?


             ?/?        X X XXXX   20120218 Julia   20120213 Breivik   20110123 trum5x   20110107 geos_m   20101231 camrck    20101231 grid5-1    20101231 CraterU    20101226 TOm    20101218 HUb's    201012?? gongrape   20101205 45    20101205 48   20101205 52   20101012 bb2    20101012 bbug1   20101012 Squirl   20100920 tomatoe    20091221 M flood   20091221 rev20   830 na1   0825 J.C./NK   0818 2665abd    0818 2665 A.   0818 2665 ob   0818 65   0818 #26   0808 2birds   0730 ch93-43 crack   728 na2   0725 .kr   0601 city council 3   0509 H2SO4 ICE CORE   NASCC/R1   qak\y=8   4/25 u2 Q8+Pe   4/23 Uu   NAazalia   F0 HaBr (she)    LgL [efg]   LgL pars   Q_p 2009 1 7   pa2010 1,9 11 3,10   - q2 del   moonmath LD   0515 City Council 3   Lemon1   Q.round   del   20100813 hub_ns   q2002 j2   q29L   R0   Hub_n   Wallula Stone   UpO   gg  0704 O/g   qk-ooo


it's Rather Cleer2 Me the clear news is what is NOT allowed

i can only hope you were able to see//-/ear it
B4 it was D'activated {by Go.Mint|? yesterday? Or today ?/? {? past 24


8 KAN{ripe corn / 20120409 8-8.5 pdT
Midway. The geographic designation of latitude 28 degrees north , longitude 177 degrees west,

My hope is that with global coverage from North Korea that the old NEWS
has ended an the new CLEAR NEWS has begun

Thus my 4cast4 the splash down point of the rockets first stage
ON the Date Line 180 degrees E & W | Lat 30 and now My search for the photo
Nodong missile is thought to have a range of around 1,300km
aepodong-1 is a two-stage missile comprising Nodong and Scud parts and can reach a distance of 2,900km.


YES'sum a lot of interferance

The Taepodong-1 is a two-stage missile comprising Nodong and Scud parts and can reach a distance of 2,900km.

The three-stage Taepodong-2 (AM-PM) can have two or three stages ?
:41 HEIGHT in meters{41}? times* 200 = Range in Km 8.2K  07:44:50 AM
:50,8599,1908689,00.html 07:51:12 AM
:55 bbc # 4/12 07:55:58 AM


My guess about the height of the (AM) BBC VIDEO ROCKet100-110ft
1St guess (33&1/3 Meters}? / bbc 5 to 7amBBC WAS short of the 136 foot (41) above
:10 THUS: another look at it required
:13 2ndG 1st stage 41 FeeT 13 Meters 2nd stage 20ft 6m 3rd 15' 4.5m
ok 13M*200=2.6K  however as its mostly lift off the degrees should =
180-longitude of tongchang-dong N. korea | i'LL guess 41 as d'La= 2Long
:31 longitude of South Korea is 37 degrees 00' N and 127 degrees 30' E
:33&1/3 " New Evidence on Advanced Pr ..."
:36 ea plans to launch a satellite in a window between April 12-16, 2012 to coincide with the 100th
  E=>       [X] S^ ? W
MHK PM /     \   | BBC AM 


W       O[T]        E


Is the pricing of Au/Ag and Cu toppling related to perduring cells forMing Oz?