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Me v phD

Started by hirley0, October 22, 2011, 05:04:53 PM

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20111022 A Time has arrived for me to addDRESS this issue
{despite the imposed delays)(there are many} today i was going to eXplain
to them that i AM NOT {have 0) interest in Oral Arguments Q&A or pet'N P.tic

i was going to say Yes, i'LL travel (take a bus} to get there
SO that they can USe my name {if they want to) to harden their resolve
to do what theY do do.
{later as this will be best done offline & paste}


do NOT read this READING this can cause U /-/ARM

2011 10/22 WHERE TO BEGIN ? (with the date}? yes: its a computer date
acording to me it is wrong! its hard to tell that this computers Ms (MiliSecond}
is in fact an incorrect size to fit into the international standard {UTC) ????/
= =
well skip that for now and travel along to dating in general. Shirley it should
be very CLEAR the the text included below needs to be entered to be comprehended.
WHAT does it mean? does it suggest to you? that the phD DEPOSITS really think?
: : :
by that i mean do they even consider a Aquarians Astrology OR do they simply look
at a computer screen and then randomly pick an empty space to fill in. I do NOT
know. My guess is the neither!  consult my astrology NOR me!  Shirley i protest
&I do not want anything to do with them whatsoever for their arbitrary ways .
? ? ? ?
in a quarter of an hour iLL "TRAVEL" across the street (SW 10th & SW Taylor)
in my yellow rag T shirt to the library to check the 11/28 number myself.
so look: i've no intention whatsoever of complying in any way with the
"VISUAL FIELDS" in Portland BS (this is the HoRRor of it all ){& it sure is}
one of the main issues is the repository for the photos. a bit of back ground
may help. this is about WAR it is not about the end of war. eXactly why the
god Or GODS {i do not know) decided to use me to test the latest weapons in
the field i didn't know. believe what you like ( i believe that they DID . }
that makes this A tail not about Atomic, OR Chemical weapons ( i did pass)
it is about BioLogical. { it is my belief the source was probably Iraq)
although i do not know. My Guess The weapons (bIO) were there & once found
were not classified as weapons of mass destruction . { i think they are
so while i'LL be talking MiliMass & not Talking MegaMass it is Mass to me
& i've no doubt it is destructive. Yeah i'LL check the spelling later.
After this is posted. Library time 10 |...| 1/2 hour later / travel
~" a Visual Fields in Portland on 11-28 at 1330 "~ MEDICINE Link below
Neuclear Nueounces link below
page 89 NOVEMBER HorrorScope Eye exam 25,26 {is not 11-28 on 1330 {{ AM not going.
DAY-BY-DAY FORECAST FOR AQUARIANS 28th Mon "Family responsibilities { Xactly..../
so no. no way will i go along with the 1330 plan . in any field .. forget it ...

TO BE UPDATED in 1/2 Hr  Read 16 times time logged in: 15 days, 2 hours and 58 minutes.

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June 01, 2011, 10:11:29 AM  Principia Discordia / Bring and Brag / Re: Newest photoshop!
October 15, 2010, 05:54:11 AM   Principia Discordia / Literate Chaotic / Re: 4cast4 20101015
October 14, 2010, 04:42:13 AM  Principia Discordia > Literate Chaotic > 2010 PSU FALL terms:
ABove is the cafe reference date belo is the LiNK (eXpressing Me v phD}posT Time in 10 min

Thus i did find the link in the amount of time preALLocated (do a Flip}
and the WORD is MiliBioLoGy as its larger than cafe can handle {if theres
EVEN any REMnANT left whatsoever { i donno maybe i'LL check next month | reboot in 9 days?



Read 33 timesOh Ok disreguarde prior post
i did receive the 10/21/2011_H7305 va letter about building 11
on the Vancouver campus. ?/? & the new eXtension # 51103
Read 48 times 57 60 65 66 68
eXactly why i had to double dip Friday i do not REMember {i did as i recaLL
anyway today i'LL begin to reboot ?/? it always takes a while to recover!
in the mean time my CONtempt('$) for the SitUations increase eXponentialy{ yeah


8 IX (jaguar\day) 12/1  Me v wiLL now return to 13 day inT

The requested URL was rejected ES@va.

2011 10/31 to begin the upcomming month, November? i'LL ATTempt
to eXplain the primary difference between Myself & phD'er`s.
My philosophy? i call ill-logical negativism opposed to their
LOGICAL POSITIVISM. LP may say something like? the human
population of earth is increasing, and will continue to do so.
in other words Positively positive. While i on the other hald
may mention the population of Atlantus has vanished to zero.
In a mathametical (set theory sence, it is my contetion that
iL- contains Lp as a subset, However the inverse may not hold.
yeah, there is a difference, though it may not be to easy to
shine a light on this in practice. during November 2011 i'LL
be atTempting to REMark about points of differing ? takes ?
of various events, from my iL- vs links to theirs. comprenda'?
-ALLRIGHT i'LL be using A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 sequence approach
1 4cast4 by gazing into my crystal baLL (CRT) &Lookfor Quakes
2 iSS Space station | in the clouds in winter wont get many M
3 Mat L  Leave Win xp & use 98 to plot graphs of ideas about?
4 Mus yes i'LL continue & even load the Yamaha drivers in Nov
5 C Me  Cornial Mass { atTempt to watch the sun closley for X
6 FF16 firefox & other computer related issUSes Like Reboo T
7 CN 10 listen? this whole week is still UNcertain . allright
8 NOON POS  where my brains at AT noon SOMETIMES | blank page
9 ME V PHD yeah verrily i do dispute 'EM {aLL of UM no excpts

READ THAT ^ Yesterday at 04:49:19 AM


7 BEN   "New Clear News" (reed\day) 11/30
9:15 "oint? maybe there is NoNE ." ReeLey my guess is i've aLLready
tired of this drival too. there is really no point in continuing on
with my opposition to NoThimng. It Does Not eXist, pure DiLL-Ushun!
hopefuLLy now that i'z beyound the poundings on ApT 502 door to
answer the Medical Questions J.OK.E don't forget the angle on the E
ha ha Stupid computer? (no wait aint the an italick'$ ...

9:40-45AM pSt
it was long long ago (2011 11/21 8:11AM pSt) & computers had been around awhile? the Altair? etc. The mid to late 6o's ?/?
I had been watching developments froma distance, Magazines, TV etc. when one day i walked into a shop where one was on display?
I looked & looked {ask some Questions? eTc) & left? What did I know Not Much: only that if i did spend the $'s (60) i
would be making a big gamble?/? As being my 1st on i would soon learn the Language (My 1st computer Language} & thus
i bought it. mostly on the surface as i had dual keyboard Left & right. So: the first computer language (i did learn
was 1802 based (RCA) & was "NOT" 8080-86 (Intel) thank U what luck, YES, i do consider that in the computer games
I won due to my native (1st) Language (not inTel-eese}? got it? Later (as enforced stupidity}{my word for the $
driven) took over, I had little difficulty with the games as i had small interest in being DUMB from day 1. Shure
its been many keystrokes ago & at a very low rate on my part, but i have always had the sence that i won. it
cost me next to nothing as the Junk people thru away could always be FIXed to keep me current with inter-CON-
nections. OH My whats the point? Probably ther is none.
I did sleep well, & yes the SwaT team has been spotted deploying on Main in the 10th AVE lot. the contestants
can have the place as far as i care. May May rains be UN-US-uaLLy cold. &yeah: i'LL call Later today 4arrang-mints
the cruxt of the taill was UU wiFI down .

11/20 04:18  yeah Awake ii: REMembering the year of the Quatro
Quatros were Macintosh computers, the year (i mean term}? was late 90's
One or more (i'v 4 gotten) of the computer room in Cramer (1st floor)
had all new Quatros installed. these were voice machines. they would
record voice input that could be played back something like an audio
recorder (only didigely}?/? which ment that on play back there was A
choice of voices? Maryland Monrow & W. C. fields were two i REMember
'Cause they were the two i overheard on day. anyway one morning i went
in and there  was a group of kids gather round one set and they would
record a line of speach & then play it back. First as it was recorded
and then as Maryland, then as W.C. ! i do not REMember the exact line
but its was a fermilure one to all Link 4 core & seven Or Now is the
time. Anyway after play back as M & as W the group & Me too would
reall crack up. as the meaning of the words changed to opposits
depending if it was M or W (voice) eally really funny: Anyway i made
a mental note to myself that next term i would also learn (teach
myself the tricks) However come next term the Quatros were all gone
Along with W&M |back to the sysTem of enforce Stupidity. Present to
this day. reaLLy in a way My Most charrised achievment was 2B Forced
OUT. by by stupid me. HeLLo Dr. Dr. HoW Do U dO? & hoW Much was this?

11/19 01:59  WeLL? yeah the pain did not Just go away
but it did subside and round midnight i finally fell
asleap only to awake an hour later from a dream. I
was following behind a ?BUNCH" of local students who
were entering the North entry of the GYM that was
empty except for the international security forces
the yellow vested 1's. Anyway i did not follow them
in the North door as i knew better and went South
Outside & entered the South Entry UNopposed. soon
the security alert was sounded as the yellow Vests
discovered they had been outflanked & I was headed
down to gain control of the boiler room & Electrical
Mains. the yellow Vesteds were about 2 flights of
stairs behind when i awoke & i doubt i'LL get back
to sleep any time soon | Pain Level very low .5 to 1.4 |
04:14 2011 11/19 What should i say? I did get 1 hr of
SLEEP had a UM "chase dream" so woke up & i guess i am
back on my (for me) normal early AM routine (1/3 of days?
anyway i'LL put a hold on the countdown but continue
the preparations elsewhere (namely Me v phD} Daily ?

9:50 am rebuttaLL of
for " 100 MEGATONNE STANDARD 1KM CRATER " impactor of        
DIAMETER =   100   meters         DENSITY =   2600 Kg/m^3    
VELOCITY =   25     Km/s          entry ANGLE =  60  degrees  
WITH KE =  4.254236E+17   JOULE                              
1237596 T MASS   13.6E+08  Kg         APPEARENT    1362 M    
( 0) ERG    4.254236E+24           DEPTH            272 M    
( 6) JOULE  4.254236E+17           APPEARENT        218 M    
(12) KWHR   1.181732E+11                                      
(18)  KT    101291                                            
(24)  Rh    4.254236       (24)Cr  1         (24)Ri  3        
(30)  Tp    0                                                
(36)  Sf    0                            EJECTRA              
(42)  Ob    0                      REMOVED     1.3E+08 M^3    
for "Cr_2 Mt St Helens"   impactor of                        
DIAMETER =   200   meters         DENSITY =   2500 Kg/m^3    
VELOCITY =   25     Km/s          entry ANGLE =  60  degrees  
WITH KE =  3.27249E+18   JOULE                              
9519969 T MASS  10.5E+09   Kg         APPEARENT    2512 M    
( 0) ERG    3.27249E+25            DEPTH          502 M      
( 6) JOULE  3.27249E+18            APPEARENT      402 M      
(12) KWHR   9.090249E+11                                    
(18)  KT    779164                                          
(24)  Rh    32.7249        (24)Cr  2         (24)Ri  5      
(30)  Tp    0                                                
(36)  Sf    0                            EJECTRA            
(42)  Ob    0                      REMOVED    % 8.0E+08 M^3  
for " KRACKATOA" pactor of                                  
DIAMETER =   533   meters         DENSITY =   3300 Kg/m^3    
VELOCITY =   28     Km/s          entry ANGLE =  60  degrees
WITH KE =  1.025604E+20   JOULE                            
2.378489E+08 T  MASS 26.2E+10 Kg        APPEARENT    7062 M
( 0) ERG    1.025605E+27                 DEPTH    1412 M    
( 6) JOULE  1.025604E+20           APPEARENT     1130 M      
(12) KWHR   2.848901E+13                                    
(18)  KT    2.441915E+07                                    
(24)  Rh    1025.604       (24)Cr  5         (24)Ri  7      
(30)  Tp    0                                                
(36)  Sf    0                            EJECTRA            
(42)  Ob    0                      REMOVED    % 1.8E+10 M^3  
for "TSUNAMI 9.0 2011/03/11"  impactor of                    
DIAMETER =   2000  meters         DENSITY =   2500 Kg/m^3    
VELOCITY =   25     Km/s          entry ANGLE =  60  degrees  
WITH KE =  3.27249E+21   JOULE                              
9.51997E+09 T  MASS 10.5E+12 Kg  APPEARENT   19957 M        
( 0) ERG    3.27249E+28            DEPTH         3991 M      
( 6) JOULE  3.27249E+21            APPEARENT     3193 M      
(12) KWHR   9.090249E+14                                      
(18)  KT    7.791642E+08                                      
(24)  Rh    32724.9        (24)Cr  15        (24)Ri  9        
(30)  Tp    0                                                
(36)  Sf    0                            EJECTRA              
(42)  Ob    0                      REMOVED    % 4.0E+11 M^3  
for " Cooper Mt. 25" impactor of                              
DIAMETER =   4800  meters         DENSITY =   3300 Kg/m^3    
VELOCITY =   28     Km/s          entry ANGLE =  60  degrees  
WITH KE =  7.490694E+22   JOULE                              
1.737174E+11 T  MASS 19.1E+13 Kg      APPEARENT   51048 M    
( 0) ERG    7.490693E+29           DEPTH        10210 M        
( 6) JOULE  7.490694E+22           APPEARENT     8168 M        
(12) KWHR   2.080748E+16                                      
(18)  KT    1.783498E+10                                      
(24)  Rh    749069.4       (24)Cr  40        (24)Ri  11        
(30)  Tp    0                                                  
(36)  Sf    0                            EJECTRA              
(42)  Ob    0                      REMOVED    % 6.7E+12 M^3    
for "STANDARD 100KM CRATER"  impactor of                      
DIAMETER =   13000 meters         DENSITY =   3300 Kg/m^3      
VELOCITY =   28     Km/s          entry ANGLE =  60  degrees  
WITH KE =  1.488087E+24   JOULE                              
3.451037E+12 T MASS 38.0E+14 Kg            APPEARENT  125144 M
( 0) ERG    1.488087E+31           DEPTH        25029 M        
( 6) JOULE  1.488087E+24           APPEARENT    20023 M        
(12) KWHR   4.133575E+17                                      
(18)  KT    3.543064E+11                                      
(24)  Rh    1.488087E+07   (24)Cr  100       (24)Ri  13        
(30)  Tp    14                                              
(36)  Sf    0                            EJECTRA            
(42)  Ob    0                      REMOVED    % 9.9E+13 M^3  


11/21 14:46 so it goes Post time tomorrow? maybe ANYWAY
todays calls to the va Medical buildings had so rather silly
results. the phone i was using was rather new to me and there
is now known operation instruction. I did place the call as
requestion and left a message that i did NOT know the number
to inable a promised return call. eventually i discovered
by trial & error tht the phones clock was set one day & 1 hr
ahead & found it was possible for me to reset the local phone
equipment. Later while investigating the various functions
that the Equipment at the va had indeed attempted at 11:18AM
was found & it was then found the ring in tone was at level 0
_ So my ASSesment of the situation is some electronic JUNK
(miaD in AsIa } whom no one know how to operate OR fix ...
was trying to connect to some other peice of electronic Junk
(maid in aSiA) that know oe nows how to operate OR repair.
17:50 OK the condition at 3PM was WiFi down meaning an
alternate path had to be taken for todays upGRADE {oh my)
( well i did that today (Mon) while the wash was getting
ready for the dryer? & at the same time i was trying to
understand the telephone that thought it was tuesday today
(ha HA} JokE's on me WRITE? Listen i changed the stupid
JuNK and turend the ring volume up from 0 (HE HA} fox that:
& in the mean time take to trip to safeway call also. /-/m
Maybe i should have taken the UNbrella? WiFi sTiLL down D'

11/23 9:21AM WHEREAS: the Wifi connection was down yesterday
I was unable to upload ... THUS: had to wait to connect via
the Libray today as the tower still does not answer. OH MY:
nyway my visit to see my Neice in Hillsborrow & beyound was
fun. She did vote against my plan & put a plan in place of
her(their) own ?/? i'LL caL it plan TEN untill more dtails
are forth comming. its based upon electrical currnts.
for my part it sure was pleasent getting out into fresh
(higher Altitude air. Enough said. Oxygen Question raised!


2011 11/28 19:14 / 6 EB (tooth\day) 11/29 TUESDAY?
.1 it is rather difficult to come to terms with the SITuatION.
2: My conTENTion is there is simply no way 101 bed bugs arive in my bed
3: over night without an agent (of delivery} involved | yeah SHE did it
4? ok so i dont know, another thing i dont know {did the carious BUGS
5# {there were several verities Long Round Black red(blood) large small
6H have the MRSA (biological wheapons internally) | i did submit several
7 to be tested | My guess was/is/REMains those were never tested 4MRSA .
8 OR any other NEW spiecies post IRAQ war tiME. from where i think they R
9 I continue to battle the condition ON my conditions as all MeD's seam
10 to be of no use in the WAR. i'LL try harder to post some photos L8R/-/

6 EB  " FIREFOX " (tooth\day) 11/29 TUESDAY?
17:35 2011 11/28 Family v COMunity SNIDERMAN / NBC adh? ? Look
i'z back on try to AVoid Dr. . mantain M v P about? HissStory etc.
in other words 10mL Neomycin & polmyxin B Sulfates & Hydro-
cortisone Otic SUSPENSION may help & then again maybe NOT.
Listen? My guess is there eXists no cure & asking for 1 to be
found is just asking for trouble SO Y bother i ASk U Q T ?/?
perhaps some day a treatMINT wiLL be forth comming? no time
soon is my guess. So whats the point? maybe there is NoNE .

5 CHUEN  "  C Me " (monkey\day) 11/28
11/27 22:47 At the end of each month this xP drive is rebooted
it takes afew days to get eveything reset to operational order.
and while these changes are taking place, its time for me to
STATE i've been a bit rough on the medical teAM. (my 0pology
with the probable eXception fo fifth position my inTENT is
not malishUS. even if it may appear otherwise. Look from
ApriL '58 on about ever 11 years its me v the God, gods,
Godes, or goddeses of WAR OR combination there of. so, yeah
its just the way things are on this PLANit. Me v 'Em et aLL
Listen in April of '58 the Curvature of Time(Spaced past me
by. reaLLy tHus i'z beyound sometime(somewhere As EarthLing?
it presents some difficulties () to say the least, Annoying
As I go forward in Time & Space ? T?s to observe the Latest
event {i call it BioLogical WaR_FaiR) of which i see no end
i'LL try to put my own spin on the details ( many R2B wrong

 in todays (4 OC {dog\day)} 11/27 rendition of Me v phD aka the tail waggin the dogs
I mean Do | i'LL count =copy/paste the #'s i call the '75 tail v 21st cent 1's

75's (In Reply Refer To: P6TIMR}
Delusional = 11/18/2011 JUN 15, 2011@08:52 05/05/2011 09:37 04/23/2009 11:07
disorder = JUL 14, 2011@13:23 11/18/2011 JUL 14, 2011@13:23 06/17/2011 17:40
schizophrenia, = 11/18/2011 08/30/2010 10:25 08/04/2010 10:12 09/14/2009 11:41 05/11/2009 10:02
psychotic = 06/17/2011 17:40 01/31/2011 11:09 08/04/2010 10:12 08/04/2010 10:12  09/14/2009 11:41
v 21
MRSA = May 03, 2011 11:49 06/17/2011 17:40 JUN 15, 2011@09:45:47 06/15/2011 18:18 5/3/11.
MRSA = 04/01/2011 09:22 02/28/2011 10:39 02/15/2011 12:48  08/30/2010 10:25
Lab = records from 11/25/2011  Received: Jun 15, 2011 10:47 07/14/2011 15:04 |
taken = May 21, 2009 12:46 04/05/2011 11:10 JUN 04, 2009@08:55

My Con: I sure do wish phDer$ could learn to spell TIME correctly ?&? consistantly

2011/11/27 10:54:32.100 OR 20111127.10543210

3 MUCUK  "MatLab" (jade\day) 11/26 {11:04:54
% % % %%%
% % % %%% Day_n = 20111112 t_Start =  1408
%%% % 518G463m p25#18
% quake energy

2 LAMAT "astrophysicists" (rabbit\day) 11/25 {11:04:54.21

1 MANIK ? "4cast4" (deer\day) 11/24 { 10:29:04 AM )
11/24 08:08A THis? New Round of Thirteen(13) Myan Numbers
begins today Thursday the Twenty Fourth {i think) |/ |/
WITH the WiFi connection missing in action THUS the d'La
My visit beyound HiLLsboRRow went weLL enough. No Snow
etc, though i did forget the umberella on the return trip
= =
ReaLLy the only sad part {i'poise) | My 12/7 plan was vetoed?

2011 11/25 04:47AM pSt a date and time stamp {My Way) (not the Hi Way}
of the 21st century MeDickALL Jokes. My guess, & I can only guess | is
the wayi'LL find things at the so caLLed medical phacilities WiLL be
#1 the sign posted on the computers in the LiBraRY will say NO THUMB
drives Allowed. Thus it wiLL "NOT" be possable for me to print this
from a travel drive EVEN if it were possible to PRINT from there.
#2 My eXperiance with the 21st century Medical Practitionars is that
the ALL (va} {Private), & Computer assistant? Are they all very
handy of regurgatating the old lines from the 1975 Movie "ONE flew over..
#3 that they ALL are completely incapable of any form of diagnosis
however trivial, as to what eXactly is the CAUSE of the problems
much less what the source {delivery adgents) were, ARE, will be?
#4 Not only can they "NOT" do 3 above in any meaningfull way, the
treatmet they provide is totally inapropriate. Write a report.
Usually on a form that is not relevant in any way to the situation
#5 the treatments provided is inapropriate | prevention not CURE
MEDICATIONs that do not work | probably because they are stuck on
the '75 Jokes & have not a single clue about what to do. Boo booo BO.
Closing thought , it makes me iLL just thinking about this BS. /-/'5:11


10 Green?WiFi DOWN & computer down (long term } power supply Blew ?/?


Teal Tue / 11:55 AM pSt the plot thickens PPD to 510 at 5:10
5 CIB {wax / 1 Wed / yeah: well? UNderstand ?
so shirley i remember the days when i ran a php site?/? it got hacked a lot!
so i finally gave up and abandon my effort. |NOT WORTH THE TIME in fix'N|
so here i'z i see there must have been updates to this ?" SIMPLE MACHINE "?
which aint so simple anymore. i do feel for whomever did the update my true
simpathy || However i know very weLL my sympathy does not translate across
the time+space WARP | &I know its WarPed.
anyway i do recall the (what was it again} MySql {CRAP)  it was sessions
some where in the Sql there was a sessions file and that was the one to find
fix & frotth along after WORDS. now back to the scheduled DELAYS OH MY:
6 Caban YES: tiz2tru
7 Etxnab 1:47
8 Cauac 0:20


Quote from: hirley0 on January 31, 2012, 07:55:40 AM8 Cauac 0:20
9 AHAU No she won't.
10 IMIX Read 339 "dinT?
11 IK / R354 /c15 i'LL probably Go Look | Just a min
Mon, 6  Feb 2012 14:29:49 {{{ more like 1/2 hour SoSoRRy /-/
Tue, 07 Feb 2012 03:33:31 dt 13h 4m -18s 3mili
12 AKBAL i went : din look2hard  found rest room.R360c6


ad 991 Shirley: its Ridiculas Decimal time? get Hex'ed
ad 989 Division of Pie & decimal Time ? R#26 :fnord: &27
ad 988 have 'm & onions2
ad 984 bac2sleep actually | but i need potatoes
ad 978 the reel d'bait is about Time. not about space
ad 974 :fnord: Obvious? do? "THEY" have A Right to "F" around in the South Atlantic !-i.
ad 968 teal Tue 16 another BAR gone 973
ad 964 &ad 966 Me & My patAtoe no HER no SHE candy yes
ad 960 +15 anyway she/they'Я GoOne'$ :fnord: Last Active:December20,2012,1:45pm
To:     ad 945 ? they're ? their ? there ? :fnord: {ad 956
From: across the time+space WARP | &I know its WarPed.
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ad 1005 TV v Me 1:03:07.070707


What makes you think it's MRSA?

Staph tends to form big sores on your skin.

Anyway, hope you feel better soon.
Hope was the thing with feathers.
I smacked it with a hammer until it was red and squashy


ad 1027 A.M. says NO to sNOwDen {

Quote from: hylierandom, A.D.D. on July 24, 2013, 11:53:24 AM
What makes you think it's MRSA?

Staph tends to form big sores on your skin.

Anyway, hope you feel better soon.

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