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20111022 A Time has arrived for me to addDRESS this issue
{despite the imposed delays)(there are many} today i was going to eXplain
to them that i AM NOT {have 0) interest in Oral Arguments Q&A or pet'N P.tic

i was going to say Yes, i'LL travel (take a bus} to get there
SO that they can USe my name {if they want to) to harden their resolve
to do what theY do do. {later as this will be best done offline & paste}

do NOT read this READING this can cause U /-/ARM

2011 10/22 WHERE TO BEGIN ? (with the date}? yes: its a computer date
acording to me it is wrong! its hard to tell that this computers Ms (MiliSecond}
is in fact an incorrect size to fit into the international standard {UTC) ????/
= =
well skip that for now and travel along to dating in general. Shirley it should
be very CLEAR the the text included below needs to be entered to be comprehended.
WHAT does it mean? does it suggest to you? that the phD DEPOSITS really think?
: : :
by that i mean do they even consider a Aquarians Astrology OR do they simply look
at a computer screen and then randomly pick an empty space to fill in. I do NOT
know. My guess is the neither!  consult my astrology NOR me!  Shirley i protest
&I do not want anything to do with them whatsoever for their arbitrary ways .
? ? ? ?
in a quarter of an hour iLL "TRAVEL" across the street (SW 10th & SW Taylor)
in my yellow rag T shirt to the library to check the 11/28 number myself.
so look: i've no intention whatsoever of complying in any way with the
"VISUAL FIELDS" in Portland BS (this is the HoRRor of it all ){& it sure is}
one of the main issues is the repository for the photos. a bit of back ground
may help. this is about WAR it is not about the end of war. eXactly why the
god Or GODS {i do not know) decided to use me to test the latest weapons in
the field i didn't know. believe what you like ( i believe that they DID . }
that makes this A tail not about Atomic, OR Chemical weapons ( i did pass)
it is about BioLogical. { it is my belief the source was probably Iraq)
although i do not know. My Guess The weapons (bIO) were there & once found
were not classified as weapons of mass destruction . { i think they are
so while i'LL be talking MiliMass & not Talking MegaMass it is Mass to me
& i've no doubt it is destructive. Yeah i'LL check the spelling later.
After this is posted. Library time 10 |...| 1/2 hour later / travel
~" a Visual Fields in Portland on 11-28 at 1330 "~ MEDICINE Link below
Neuclear Nueounces link below
page 89 NOVEMBER HorrorScope Eye exam 25,26 {is not 11-28 on 1330 {{ AM not going.
DAY-BY-DAY FORECAST FOR AQUARIANS 28th Mon "Family responsibilities { Xactly..../
so no. no way will i go along with the 1330 plan . in any field .. forget it ...

TO BE UPDATED in 1/2 Hr  Read 16 times time logged in: 15 days, 2 hours and 58 minutes.

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June 01, 2011, 10:11:29 AM  Principia Discordia / Bring and Brag / Re: Newest photoshop!
October 15, 2010, 05:54:11 AM   Principia Discordia / Literate Chaotic / Re: 4cast4 20101015
October 14, 2010, 04:42:13 AM  Principia Discordia > Literate Chaotic > 2010 PSU FALL terms:
ABove is the cafe reference date belo is the LiNK (eXpressing Me v phD}posT Time in 10 min

Thus i did find the link in the amount of time preALLocated (do a Flip}
and the WORD is MiliBioLoGy as its larger than cafe can handle {if theres
EVEN any REMnANT left whatsoever { i donno maybe i'LL check next month | reboot in 9 days?


--- Quote from: hirley0 on October 22, 2011, 07:09:55 pm ---do NOT read this READING this can cause U /-/ARM

--- End quote ---

Read 33 timesOh Ok disreguarde prior post
i did receive the 10/21/2011_H7305 va letter about building 11
on the Vancouver campus. ?/? & the new eXtension # 51103
Read 48 times 57 60 65 66 68
eXactly why i had to double dip Friday i do not REMember {i did as i recaLL
anyway today i'LL begin to reboot ?/? it always takes a while to recover!
in the mean time my CONtempt('$) for the SitUations increase eXponentialy{ yeah

8 IX (jaguar\day) 12/1  Me v wiLL now return to 13 day inT

The requested URL was rejected ES@va.

2011 10/31 to begin the upcomming month, November? i'LL ATTempt
to eXplain the primary difference between Myself & phD'er`s.
My philosophy? i call ill-logical negativism opposed to their
LOGICAL POSITIVISM. LP may say something like? the human
population of earth is increasing, and will continue to do so.
in other words Positively positive. While i on the other hald
may mention the population of Atlantus has vanished to zero.
 In a mathametical (set theory sence, it is my contetion that
iL- contains Lp as a subset, However the inverse may not hold.
yeah, there is a difference, though it may not be to easy to
shine a light on this in practice. during November 2011 i'LL
be atTempting to REMark about points of differing ? takes ?
of various events, from my iL- vs links to theirs. comprenda'?
-ALLRIGHT i'LL be using A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 sequence approach
1 4cast4 by gazing into my crystal baLL (CRT) &Lookfor Quakes
2 iSS Space station | in the clouds in winter wont get many M
3 Mat L  Leave Win xp & use 98 to plot graphs of ideas about?
4 Mus yes i'LL continue & even load the Yamaha drivers in Nov
5 C Me  Cornial Mass { atTempt to watch the sun closley for X
6 FF16 firefox & other computer related issUSes Like Reboo T
7 CN 10 listen? this whole week is still UNcertain . allright
8 NOON POS  where my brains at AT noon SOMETIMES | blank page
9 ME V PHD yeah verrily i do dispute 'EM {aLL of UM no excpts
READ THAT ^ Yesterday at 04:49:19 AM


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