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just wondering

Started by Malaul, October 08, 2004, 12:07:15 AM

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why is Rev Roger not a moderator of a topic made almost just for him?

thats weird
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He probably shouldn't be trusted with power.
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Rupert Giles

Quote from: Wenchmaster KHe probably shouldn't be trusted with power.

I can testify as to the truth of that.


besides, he is going to be really busy running the united states after bella gets elected and is impeached and he
has to take over as president

Rupert Giles

Quote from: fluffybesides, he is going to be really busy running the united states after bella gets elected and is impeached and he
has to take over as president


Horab Fibslager

of course reverend roger can be trsuted with power. which is why i have appointed him to secretary of war. i trust that teh good reverend will do much to spread war across teh globe.
Hell is other people.


War? You want to spread war? *goes to cry*
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6.5 billion Buddhas walking around.

99.xxxxxxx% forgot they are Buddha.


Quote from: YthacthaWar? You want to spread war? *goes to cry*

Yeah, why all the fighting? :cry:
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Horab Fibslager

give war a chance.

it is misunderstood.

war is cool.

is this not teh message from our tv journalists with live covereage of bombings and hourley updates on the score?

when i look at the thing on my tv and ponder, i reckon that this is how it must be, for why else would you good honourable and free american folk not go kill the sunsofbitches that flaunt the fac theat their pissing not only on the graves of yoru forefathers, but also on your so called freedom as well?
Hell is other people.