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Turkey Cursing
« on: December 31, 2011, 12:00:17 pm »
Turkish cursing is an art form. Complex, rude and the more creative the more effective. From the threats "amına koyarım" (I'll put it in your pussy) to "kanını sikiyim" ( I fuck your blood)... Turkish cursing is on a level of its own.

My favorite new Turkish curse:

"Geçme Namık Kemal Köprü'sünden,
ürkütürsün vakvakları,
Ananın amına çam diktim,
Git topla kozalakları"


"Don't pass from the Namık Kemal bridge,
you'll scare the quack quacks [ducks],
I planted a pine tree in your momma's pussy,
go collect the cones."

The art here lies in the first half; its there just to make the whole thing a little rhyme 'quack quacks' (vakvakları) and cones (kozalakları) rhyme in turkish.

The cuisine is a marvelous mix of east and west. The desserts are a fusion of French and Middle Eastern, the cheeses, olives, breads are wonderful... but Turkish cursing, WOW.

Other curses include:

I'll fuck your father in the market.
I will fuck your blood.
I will put it in your pussy. (aka I will beat your ass)

Then you get into wordplay and ambiguity:

"İsmet İnönü, kaymakamı görünce ayağa kalktı" -> "When İsmet İnönü (early political hero of the revolution) saw the governor, he stood up."

However, a sleight shift would give us:

"İsmetin önü, kaymak amı görünce, ayağa kalktı" -> "When Ismet's "front" saw the creamy pussy, it stood up"

Turkish cursing is a necessary thing. You need to pass a course in it before you get your driver's license (for your own safety)  :lulz:

Another rhyming curse I hadn't heard before was just tossed my way:

Oy oy oy gel gidelim hamama,
otur benimkinin kafasına
Seni sikerdim ama
Amın götün olmuş yalama


Oy Oy Oy!  Let's go to hamam [turkish bath].
Sit on the head of mine [sit on my dick]
I would fuck you but
Your pussy and ass have turned loose
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