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Bobby Campbell:
I absolutely can not believe how unfathomably GOOD & FUN Alan Moore's Supreme comics are!

I knew AM went to work for Rob Liefeld's Awesome Comics for a while in the early 90's, but kind of assumed it was a half-assed, phoned in gimmick, like when Moore, Gaiman, and Morrison wrote for Todd McFarlane. (I recently tried to read GM's issues of SPAWN, and no thank you, please!)

But this is the real deal! He plays with the genuine 90's Image aesthetic as a framing device for a Mort Weisinger style Superman pastiche. It's a truly wild coincidentia oppositorum.  And to think that Liefeld was paying Moore 10K per script is a wonderful poetic justice!

I guess AM & RL eventually had a falling out, and Moore rebooted his Supreme ideas as Tom Strong, Promethea, et al, with Jim Lee/WildStorm instead, creating the truly wonderful America's Best Comics imprint.

ABC is a way more polished & prestigious version of what Moore did with Liefeld, and ultimately those comics are maybe the best I've ever read, but there's something super special about these down & dirty Awesome Comics!

I found this cool blog dedicated to this weird corner of comics history:

Between Supreme & Tom Strong it's kind of impossible to reconcile the popular conception of Moore as this cranky neophobe what hates superheroes.
AM writes the most joyous & imaginative sci-fi vision of super humanity I've ever seen.  :fnord: :fnord: :fnord:


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