Author Topic: This is why Hollywood makes seemingly endless sequels to banal franchises  (Read 1623 times)


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Because moviegoers are lazy, unimaginative asshats:

Moviegoers demand money back because 'Artist' is silent
"The Artist" is earning acclaim, including three Golden Globes. But not everyone appreciates the black-and-white, almost entirely silent film.
British newspapers are reporting that some moviegoers there demanded refunds after starting to watch the film and discovering it's silent (a few lines are spoken near the end).

I dunno, this movie might be a piece of shit.  I haven't seen it.  But are people asking for refunds for the third installment of "Alvin and the Chipmunks" when they realize it is a lifeless movie from a franchise that was creatively bankrupt before it began? 

I, for one, would relish a chance to see a well done silent movie.  One of the things I appreciated in a film like "Wall-E" was how much of a great story they could tell with little dialogue. 

Fucking morons. 
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Wait What?
People cant just freaking ask for their money back just because they did not find the entertainment They Chose, entertaining.
wtf is that. 
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Silent movies require you to think and pay attention to what is happening.
If you can't get the gist of the movie by hearing some dialogue while you're texting your friend then it's no good, dontcha know?

I love silent movies, btw. Always find it fascinating how dialogue can actually be a detriment to the story at times.
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That is absolutely insane, it says in the commercials and such that the movie is silent, the lack of sound would be MY first clue.

How stupid can people be?

Nevermind.....  :sad:


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IMO, good art makes some people stand up and take notice while others leave in disgust.

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Ah sensory overload. Thats the preferred method of entertainment. Have so much stuff that you cant focus on anything but poorly written oneliners shouted out by a comedian whose humor relies entirely on shouting and lots of explosions. You need explosions because theyre orange. Orange is important because every movie poster is primarily composed of the colors blue and orange.
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I'm betting it's because no one was sparkly!!!


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For one thing: i enjoyed the first half of wall-e because it was a near silent robot love story. I loathe the 2nd half because i resent Disney lecturing me on the pitfalls of consumerism, not to mention the stupidity they employed illustrating what humans would look like after 7 centuries of being cooped up in space. Yeah, yeah, i know, kids movie.

For another:
I've had this on my mind for awhile, but whose fault is this? Do things like this happen because people are so damned stupid? How did people get there? Are studios culpable because they rarely put out anything other than mind-candy? Don't they put that stuff out because it's what people demand and will pay for? Is it an international conspiracy, putting all popular forms of art through a bland, textureless, culture-free spin-cycle of horror?
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They should have stuck a superhero in it, that would have made people sit down and watch it.
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It's a question of demographics. Hit the magic splodey per minute ratio and you will make megabucks. Joe public may be a brainless moron but he's a brainless moron with spending power. That's the reason I actually liked the second half of Wall-E because they actually went to the trouble of spoonfeeding the message when the movie would have made just as much money without it. There's a lot of that in films and it's easy to forget, coming from a position of being familiar with many of these concepts, that it's not for my benefit. They're trying to educate the swine. That's admirable in my book. If the majority of the human race had half a fucking clue I can't help thinking life in general might be a bit better.
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Re: This is why Hollywood makes seemingly endless sequels to banal franchises
« Reply #10 on: January 18, 2012, 11:21:56 pm »
You know how to get your money back at a movie theater?

Tell them the theater was too cold, or too hot, during the show and you were too uncomfortable to enjoy the performance.  I've seen it work multiple times.

I think more than a few of these people are trying to get their money back because they can, though I don't doubt there are the outraged ones that they have to actually watch a silent movie.
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