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No need to fan inflammatory manichean propaganda this way, thank you.

ad 2118 oH My 2448 :fnord:
9 .ar 5/5<3

2120 it is BAnana$ B4= Below T'ai Chi | G'ees \PLease  :oops:
ad 2128 Look? even though on the 1st post in this thread there is A :fnord:
Google way to translate Tuesday to Spanish, Portuguese,, & Vietnamese?
THERE EXISTS NO WAY TO TRANSLATE? Tuesday to Mayan(s) that i see.
i can translate today using the following link  :fnord: sacred-texts  :fnord:

ad 2136 > < ad 2136A
it is my guess this is a SA tail not .ar1<2147
   ^2142^ ?"Economic Relations Carlos Bianco"

ad 2269


ad 24772501Only registered users have access to th
ad 2511 {Look :fnord:

&Listen {IF U can {{ & I do doubt this

My adVICE2 U / do NOT get involved in state RUN Power Monopolies.

do not think in terms of 1 100,000,000 Kw  >
think about 100,000,000 1kW units
Curiosity is powered by a radioisotope thermoelectric
(RTG), like the successful Viking 1 and Viking 2 Mars landers in 1976.[22][23]
providing constant power during all seasons and through the day
built by Boeing and Idaho National Laboratory, 
123 watts of electrical power from about 1,987 watts of thermal
Listen to inL not France or Germany OR any of them
shun them as Mouse Trap.


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