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This Is The Kind Of Shit I LIVE FOR Department

Started by The Good Reverend Roger, November 02, 2004, 08:42:41 AM

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The Good Reverend Roger

Condom Leaves Bad Taste In Senator's Mouth

Illinois Has Spent $115,000 On Condoms

Nov 1, 2004 9:22 am US/Central
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) A state senator in Springfield says he is surprised and dismayed to learn that the state has been giving away brightly colored and fruit-flavored condoms as part of a campaign to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Since January, the Illinois Department of Public Health has spent $115,000 in federal money on condoms to be distributed at public health clinics.

State Senator Steve Rauschenberger, an Elgin Republican, said he was annoyed to learn that 910 thousand of the condoms are orange, green, red and blue, and that 360 thousand of them come in such flavors as orange, lemon, grape and cherry.

What?  He wanted strawberry?

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We can't have the vulgus *SHOCK* enjoy *ARGH* intercourse, now, shall we ?
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Damn those kids! If they want to have oral sex then they'll do it with ORDINARY CONDOMS, DAMMIT!
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Yes!! no fruity flavors... just good ole rubber taste.
What's REALLY going on?


We don't need to be wasting valuable condoms on a bunch of horny teenagers.  We need new, more, and better Ken and Barbies with life sized interactive nipples.


Quote from: The Good Reverend RogerCondom Leaves Bad Taste In Senator's Mouth
Ew, they must have been the ones with *powdered* flavoring.  Those things are *nasty*!
- DJRubberducky
Quote from: LMNODJ's post is sort of like those pills you drop into a glass of water, and they expand into a dinosaur, or something.

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agent compassion

I like the cola flavored ones, personally....

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I remember an episode of Real Sex, on HBO, where they were reviewing these latex sex dolls that are terribly expensive, but really life-like (they said).
They were also expensive as hell, because the makers cutomized each one.  If you want a blonde, brunette, redhead, with green, brown, or blue eyes - you got it.

They scared me, actually.  I mean, their "tongues" were hanging out between their "lips" just a little, they had glassy eyes, and they looked... like dead chicks, you know?  
Life like?  Dead-like, yeah.
And they were heavy to move, which just furthered the illusion of a necrophiliac's wetdream..

I thought yall would like to know that.
Elves suck.
Yeah, I said it, I went there.  Whatcha gonna do?


I saw one of those. They had two women playing with a male doll. They
seemed to be pretending to have a good time. Probably one of the
reasons I don't watch TV anymore.


The male dolls were even worse!
They weren't even attempting to look life-like, they were really big Ken dolls, but with removable playparts.

Edit: a few modifications would have made them a lot more interesting.
Elves suck.
Yeah, I said it, I went there.  Whatcha gonna do?


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If it deals with Sex , this man is the one to ask
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Quote from: SssBella, Oracle of DoomHow do you always know where to find everything, Fabal?

The sad thing is that I knew the site, and decided that I would post it noone else knew it :P
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Das Raddiche

only time ive used a condom in oral sex was with a mexican whore in nuevo laredo and that was for my protection. muahahahhaha

otherwise thats just stupid during all of high school condoms were only used for regular sex.

oral sex with a condom is like dry humping .......useless except for forplay reasons

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