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Discourse 10 Stalking the Wild FNORD: The wherabouts of Eris

Started by Trollax, June 01, 2003, 07:41:58 AM

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Some pagan friends of mine recently handed me several notions and revelations which I have been digesting for over a week now. Something however has been falling into place of recent days, I've been seeing the hand of Eris and Wibble (a personal totem of mine who's just cool) appearing in some very weird places. And I'm wondering about precisely where she comes from and more importantly where she is at the moment.

Let's look at a little fae cosmology courtesy of my friend Blayne?ñ

Draw yourself a curve (like a parenthesis) and we'll call that the material plane. Then draw an opposite curve so they look like this: ) ( And there's a small gap in between the two. This curve is the ethereal plane. Then connect the two curves with a small circle, we'll call this the astral plane. )o(
Next draw more circles going downward and upward, these directions represent heaven and hell planes proceeding in opposite directions from their meeting point in the middle (the astral). What does the picture look like??? The hand of Eris?ñ )|(

Now we'll take a look at the ethereal plane because that is what concerns us at this point. The ethereal is like a soup of energy, apparently. The place where souls come from and return to, there is consciousness there, both together and separate but it's all kind of spread out and diffuse, with training (or if you're a particular type of soul) you can go there and remain separate. Without it you tend to get subsumed. Now as it was explained to me, the god and goddess basically use the ethereal to create souls, in the similar way you or I might have thoughts. The ethereal is god/goddess merged into one, and they kind of put pieces of themselves into their ideas that run around inside their universe. Do you see what I'm getting at yet?

We are a part of a memeplex. The ethereal is like a collective unconscious where ideas are pulled from and returned to when they are done with. The astral and the material worlds are like the mental processes of whatever metamind has our world/universe in mind. What the structure of this mind is like is unknown. Either it is vastly different to our own, or we make up single conceptions which work to form ideas and memes and memeplexes.

So just where is Eris then? If even she is a part of some weird huge mind what is she particularly? She's more or less like us, but with a big difference. She likes to hang in our collective unconscious.
Think about what she said: "Many years ago my consciousness left man, so that he might develop himself. I have returned to find this development approaching completion." And also what she said to me: "It's all lies Trollax, it's just that there are lies you know to be true, and lies you cannot yet make true."

She's in your head but she is real, now is that a wind to blow your mind or what? What's more, in order for this to make sense you do have to blow your own goddamn mind! See, this is extreme zen!
Anyway, Eris is living in what amounts to our collective unconscious but she's breaking through (or so it seems to me) "up" into our world. In the last week I've noted more discordian FNORDs than I've seen in an entire year. But the thing is, the more I'm seeing into myself, consequently my mental investigations of higher planes and forces are becoming better. Also, the more I'm becoming aware of her, the more rules and FNORDS I can see and start to avoid. This would just be speculation (and it is just a movie) but that's why Neo exploded those sentinels at the end of reloaded, he broke the rules of the matrix and his "programming" started to leak into the real world.

The mind is just as powerful as everything else metaphysical. In fact, one could say that's precisely where all the divisions and layers and everything originates from in the first place. It is after all the most-common perception of Descartes' work was that all he could prove was that there was thought going on.

(As an interesting side-note if you watch the animatrix movies you'll notice a few discordian fnords there too, relating to creative order and disorder (an apple appears twice that I've noticed). Plus one of the features "matriculated" deals with treating the machines as absolute order and freeing them by means of showing them a kind of movie where logic (order) inevitably leads to their destruction)

So what are you precisely Eris? Well as she said herself "I am chaos, and I have come to tell you that you are free." Perhaps the extent and gravity of that freedom has yet to sink in? Do we really understand that the freedom she talks about is more than just the freedom to go to the shops and buy whatever you may fancy, more than the freedom to wax long and lyrical about American empiricism without being branded a communist, anarchist, terrorist, or unpatriotic. (Hmmn it seems that time has changed but the fears have not.) The freedom she talks about is more than the ability to flit from reality to reality, plane to plane and mutliverse to multiverse. The freedom of chaos in its absolute extent is to be free from all rules, no form, no shape, no substance, you don't even have to be infinite, that is the peculiar nature of infinity.
But oddly, that is also the nature of absolute order, through discipline, and focus and training you come to the point where your rules are totally internal and entirely your own, Chaos and order are the same things with different semantics: self ownership.
Yet what is opposite then? Ooh creative and destructive! Well, see?ñ I'm not going to pretend to know how I can argue that creation and destruction are also the same but I do believe unequivocally that this is so. The Principia talked to us about how chaos and order are both good, and explained to us that it was whether or not they were done in the spirit of creation or destruction that determined their goodness or badness. Yet if destructive chaos or order is bad why do we use it? Consider my recent rant on telling christians that satanic rituals are held in public toilets in all sorts of buildings and places. That's destructive order. Consider hacking the new-york stock exchange and altering the data flow going in and out by 0.5% thus causing economic chaos worldwide. Yet each of these destructive behaviours have positive consequences ultimately if just for a select few. Consider weishaupt's words: "I ask you; if evil uses every means for corruption at its disposal, should we not use every means at our disposal for good?"
See the problem is, the instant we see the connection (the balance) between light and dark in any form, we immediately claim to have knowledge of why this is so and that it is further divided into another form of light and dark. so there's two brands of good and evil, but then you realise they're connected and that there's actually four. But then you realise they're connected too and there's actually 8 brands. But then you realise they're connected too and there's actually 16 brands. But then you realise they're connected as well and there's actually 32 brands. But then you realise they're connected as well and there's actually 64 brands. But then you realise they're connected as well and there's actually 128 brands. Repeat: ad nauseum.
The problem is not good and evil, its in your head at every level. This can be witnessed by the fact that the mind of our creator is no better off than us against our own memes, there is good (ego-boosting stuff) and then there's bad (subconscious stuff that gets buried.) The problem is adversarial thinking. The idea that there is bad and that bad must be stopped. Imagine living without the idea. It's terrifying, you don't what you're supposed to do, where do you head what do you do? If there's no bad how do you know if you're moving in the "right" direction? As I've been discovering, just because there is no right or wrong it does not mean you end up like every other soul-dead hippie who insists that just because they have the idea of the godhead they are everything and are experiencing it at that moment. And If I may rant, if they were the frigging godhead why are they living in a self-reflective manifestation of turmoil with a mind that is also full of turmoil? But that's just my adversarial thinking getting in the way I suppose. Enough digression, you don't have to turn into a navel gazer just because you don't believe in right and wrong, there will still be steps forward and backward because you still have a path and a purpose, until you chose otherwise.
So what is Eris then, and why is she inside our own minds? Eris is chaos, she is the random element in the system, the stain on the trousers of time, Eris exists in our collective unconscious, but she also exists in the gods' collective unconscious. She is walking among us, as dogs, as cats, as other popel (not a typo :mrgreen: ) That's why Mummu was so much more powerful than the other gods. She is also inside our minds, and in our atoms. She is the personification of the inconsistencies in the world and in every world. She is also order, she is also good and evil, because she is chaos, she is without rules, including the rule that says she must be without rules, she is that which cannot be named and everything that can be. She lives as Eris in our minds, but can take other forms: you, me, an asprin commercial, a bird in a tree, Eris is another name for god, not just god but the GOD and she is the closest manifestation to that ethos we appear to have managed?ñ She exists a hands-breadth away from total nothingness one with total order and total chaos, she is the sacred chao. Actually I could probably rant on about this from a million angles for weeks but 1700-odd words for this discourse is enough I think.
Just remember, you don't have to repent, because there's nothing to be ultimately guilty about and that you are one of her various manifestations if you want to be and you are also the niggling thought in someone's mind that makes them disregard their programming and eat the FNORDs for breakfast.

Ewige Blumenkraft!

~Irresistable Trollax~



She's mentioned (kinda) in the new Silent Hill 3 game...

There's a monster at one point that you banish by speaking the magic words: "Tu Fui Ego Eris".

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Here's where I've been, and where I probably am:

Irreverend Hugh, KSC

Trollax, I love the places that took me. It kind of sums up what I have been trying to explain to friends of mine the past few months. They are witness to an ever increasing fluidity that I seem to take on more and more...or is it 'seem to become more and more'? I have more than one Goddess and God. Thus my Paganism. But Eris is the substance and presence that underlies all of them. It could be that that is just the way I am perceiving it because it helps me to learn in the most effecient way. It could be that someone else could point to another in my Pantheon, such as Yemaya, and say, nope it's She that underlies it all. At some point, the reality is neither the fact that Eris is an archetype in my mind, nor is She an actual entity outside. The reality, as I am intuiting these days, is something that includes both those points of view and other things as of yet unimagined. How to coalesce this type of realization into thoughts expressed as words so I can share the insight? I will work hard at trying...but I don't want to lock other people onto the words. So how does one write or speak in a manner of language that doesn't allow others to rest in the words but compels them to seek out the experience as they would have it?
Eris is definitely seeming to manifest more and more these days. Is it that I am looking more and more, or is it that She is manifesting more and more? Or is reality that and more than that? I suspect the latter.
"Time for the tin-foil hats, girls and boys!"

Irreverend Hugh, KSC

"Time for the tin-foil hats, girls and boys!"