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Doktor Howl:
Education, they tell us, is a sacred thing that should be denied to no child.  This is hardly a surprising attitude, when you consider that modern education is a vector by which they deliver the malady of subordination.

Make no mistake, the governments and corporations know they need some technical geeks, just to keep the lights on, etc.  The problem, however, is that educated people are hard to control unless you put the bridle on them first.  A highly educated man with a third of a million in debt coming out of the gate is much easier to deal with than one who comes out free and clear.

That much ought to be obvious...But let's look at children for a moment.  Children are subjected to, at their schools, 3 kinds of operant conditioning:

1.  Fear/obey authority:  THESE are the rules, and YOU will follow them.  K-12.  Leads to a lifetime of servile habits.

2.  Fall into the pecking order.  This used to be done by means of encouraging bullying.  It has, however, been found that simply ostracization functions BETTER when bullying has been removed from the table, as bullying creates multiple groups, which distracts from

3.  Encourage conformity.  Not in some eglatarian "we are all equal" sense, but to make people predictable.

When the above methods prove unworkable on a child, and that seems to be about 10-15% of the student body, why then we come to the problem of drugs in our schools.  For example, America consumes 90% of the world's Ritalin, and almost all of it is administered to male children between 6 and 12.  Keeps the little bastards quiet, and monkeys with their cognition.

How can a 6 year old have a diagnosable mental condition?  How can so many of them have these conditions?

Since they obviously can't, then the obvious question is "Why are they being drugged?"  The answer, of course, should be equally obvious.

And thus they manufacture the consent of the governed.

Okay for now.

Doktor Howl:
The only takeaways from the modern school system, other than the minimum math & science skills they pretty much have to teach you to allow you to minimally function is that You don't belong.

Doktor Howl:
Trayvon Martin's death...It should have been investigated locally.  It wasn't.  The state should have stepped in.  It didn't.  The Feds should have stepped in, on civil rights grounds.  It has failed to do so.

The reason for this, of course, is to further drive home the message that you are helpless.  You exist at the whim of entrenched "good citizens", who have the backing of the entire government, at all levels.

Doktor Howl:
Of course, the principle danger of looking around is that you tend to become jaded.  This is because there seems to be no handle by which to gain enough control of your daily life to change any of the horrible shit they shower us with, every day.

The best part is that you know that's not correct, but they've convinced you that it is.

Doktor Howl:
Consider:  They control all forms of media save one (the internet), hence SOPA, etc.

If they control the media, then what do you get by watching or reading the media?  Why, you contract at least a few of their memes, of course.  The meme that Mexican illegal immigrants are responsible for the rise in measles, polio, eye disease, TB, etc, is a good example.  It also turns out (thanks for the link, Nigel), to be completely untrue.

Another obvious example was the lead up to the second round of Iraq.  The media treated the war as a foregone conclusion; that the decisions had already been made, so why not just sit back and watch the CNN war porn?

Bradley Manning is another example.  The lesson is, we're going to torture this American because he followed his own moral sense.  And you can do nothing to stop it.

If they keep telling lies, and you keep listening, you'll start believing them.  And believe you me, all the stories that the major media spews in your face are ones that are in fact carefully vetted as issues that are almost impossible to influence.

Which, obviously, distracts you from the issues you CAN influence, but even if you saw them, you're so beat up, it's kind of like "why bother"?


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