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« on: April 16, 2012, 08:04:40 pm »

Just in: Blessed Tiger not mounting on Leopard.

Alien Taxidermists bursting at seams of US border after re-cloned tigger refuses to bootstrap as self-mounted volume on both external media and also virtual boxes running off native leopard.  Stuffing stocks plunge after first rise seen in years as commodity markets ride rough through the roof of zoological necromancy.


Certified frigging technicians...   Certified...  That's how I feel.  It's all fixed now.  I'm just about to remove the logic board...  There's my replacement part...  And...  Wait, they screwed me again... 
That's not the right part!

"hello, certified technician?"
"why did you not send me the logic board I ordered?"
"we sent you a compatible board"
"no you did not"
"you want the actual part you ordered?..."

Synthesis:  do not deal with certified (apple) technicians if you actually want to fix your computer.  If at any point presented with a certified technician, go elsewhere if you want to keep your sanity.

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