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Hot dog carbonara

Started by minuspace, April 20, 2012, 07:25:12 PM

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Put water to boil in large pot

Simmer finely diced dogs on low heat till they start shrinking and tightening.
    Add drizzle of olive-oil if dogs are not fatty enough (not necessary w/ bacon or pancetta)

Remove slightly bronzed dogs from pan and place aside...
   Add drizzle of olive-oil to pan if lacking in grease.

Simmer finely diced onion in same greased pan till it starts turning transparent...

Meanwhile, beat eggs in bowl, adding grated Parmesan/Grana cheese and ground pepper...

Excoriate, crush and finely slice garlic.  Add garlic to pan with onion.

Turn heat up a notch, add dogs previously set aside to pan again.

Water pot should start to boil right about now - add salt and pasta to cook
    Set timer to one minute less than indicated on package (pasta later also cooks slightly In pan)

As garlic starts to melt in pan and dogs get crunchier (not fully charred), add splash of white wine.
    [get over it - it degreases and all the alcohol evaporates - two buck chuck is fine]

Timer goes off, drain pasta, keeping a cup of pasta-water aside.

Throw drained pasta into pan with onions and dogs.  Turn off heat.

Give the egg solution a final whisk and also throw in pan.  Beat it all together in the pan for 5 seconds then add the cup of pasta water while still beating for a few more seconds.  Timing is critical.  Do not cook the eggs all the way - just enough for it to start coagulating - the pasta water helps it all stick together.

Serve directly on plates - adding more grated cheese (salt) or pepper to taste.

A friend of mine also likes to garnish with caviar and creme, because he deserves it.

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Mesozoic Mister Nigel

I'm gonna have to make this.  :lulz: Just to piss people off.
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The "saw-vinny-on" is a steal right now...   :lulz: :lulz: