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Naklin (sacred wanti text)
« on: June 02, 2012, 06:46:01 pm »

Naklin went to Africa and communed with the spirits, denying all
monarchies and all sovereigns, it wasn't how it was portrayed, but
mostly people were nice, there was food and peace, by and large the
conspiracies of the outside world disappeared, there was incredible
peace, and incredibly wise people from all over the world there who
had gathered, practicing original spiritualities, channeled
spiritualities from the forests, from nature itself. Perhaps it was
Wanti that was truly Africa. We looked at the stories we looked at the
portrayals, and we just realized everything we were getting it had a
spin on it, to see purely, we had to stop thinking in consensus terms.
It was designed to make you feel like a conspiracy was happening
around you, but really it wasn't, none of them could trick us into
performing in their cult, all of them claimed to know what Africa
truly was, but was it was was something inside, we had never been to
the physical place, but it lived in us, in primal originality rising
again and again, rising in what we called hippie, in these movements
of truth, and sincerity, which blasted away the doings of the robots,
and yet inconcievably seemed to live right among them, in the way of
the Amanita Muscaria, we left the context of texas, where they tried
to trap us under the influence of old faiths and saw purely without
the propaganda a spirit even deeper than that, and deeper than any
determined priesthood. Like magical monkeys of the sea we danced
camped on and on, across the plains and over mountains. We had simply
left the ouroboros, we say the Yomo dancing in the trees, and seemed
to slip into the cosmic algorithm of existence, true happiness, the
vampirism, the vampirism was gone, the spiral which matched the truly
good with the worst had finally disipatted, we were able to live in
accordance with tao. in these fields of mushrooms, people of all
types, rainbow people, fairy type people, would gather around, dancing
ecstatic in spirit, dancing but not with weight, pehraps they were
apparitions. travelling through an astral path, travelling across
stonehenge, and through every mushroom ring, singing the intoxicating
song of spontaneous life, what was there but simple life every day,
growing and fading away the eternal breathe, and all the sensations of
the spirit.
It wasn't that it was african, its just that it was happening ,it was
truly universal, it was beyond judgements, it stirred us away from the
cults, they had fallen so deeply into roleplay for long dead kings,
but here everything was a circle, and we were not warriors, we were
not nights, nor any longer were we dazed.
we just saw through the ways society had tried to handle us and
shepherd us along, we meditated and realized there is a greater path,
we didn't have to support this system, we could just support eachother
and through our warmth and openness set up a camp of peace and love,
everywhere, just as others were doing in other places, and had done
before us, we realized it truly went on forever, and went deeper and
deeper, its this society really which was the small place, they tried
to hide the rest away form us, so we would never seek it, but as we
went out into the woods and the fairies began to speak to us more and
more eventually they became people too and strengthened the way of
truth in the world. it wasn't based on spirituality, race or species,
but we saw indeed that was the game of the other world, it was based
in something more inner, more spiritual, which was hard to express,
but we did through so many organic arts, becoming again like the
tribes, but not seperate, not fighting, just being.
we were the shamans, on the outskirts, living, bouncing between worlds
ensuring that chaos continued and that idealism never died, the crow
and the raven and the bear were the gatekeepers, but they made it seem
too much like a battle, or a sickness, they were still intertwined
confused, the degree they allowed the crystals to intermingled with
their essence, that was just their way, but we seeked further, to the
places were patterns no longer existed, and realizing that place, it
was clear that everything was one huge plant and there was no system
and not, only varying regions of the spirit, all of them sacred, all
of them organic. this intuitive teaching, wasn't passed on by old
collegiate men, but they had taken it from the annals and corners of
the mysteries hidden worlds all around us, the characters and shamans
passing doing the universal dance, and tried to let it flower in hopes
of changing the grand lesson, so we could move back closer to the
celestial communion with all things, beyond these divisions which no
longer served a purpose, beyond the passion of folks who just wanted
to fight, but perhaps them, the morrigan they will always exist, and
this is the way of the world, and so our way also shall exist and
perhaps they compliment eachother, because in all this, the herb still
grows, the love still flows, there is simply enough, when we have come
together in the mutual warmth and no rules, setting no boundaries but
inexplicably, pointed towards the liberation of all consciousness, in
meditation all the energies of the universe coalesced and ultimately
every action was the yoga which completed everything, what are we but
a fractal plant and its cellular guardians, buzzing away in
infinity,as the dramas come and go, still in the spirit, the great
peace awakens and it merely passes over us like a quiet storm of all
the colors of the horizons and things we see every day, all of it
alive, the sacred doesn't discriminate when it enters, it entered

it wasn't based on segregation and we began even again to prophecized
and write again in the flow

In the beginning all was shattered and clashed against eachother for
none of it knew the rest existed until it all met, then there was a
force that grew between them and united them all together, and knew it
was all good, that force was Goddess, who had created the rainbow
bridge, and brought it all together, thus ending the clash of
dualities, and saving us from constantly having to replay old events
from the past. She had liberated us from slavery, and yet old us that
she is in all of us and in everything, to love and make stories and
prophecize, healing the old, and forgiving all adversaries, in the
rainbow energy we went forth, because it brought peace to all beings,
and say the inner essence of all faiths and all Gods, appeased them
all that no suffering came from their worship, and showed us that we
had the power to dream, and to hear heir voices individually.

They had just been waiting for the story to take shape, she was not a
Lord, it was not a great celestial monarchy but simply a planet, wild
natural, yet with a place for us, an egoless place, speaking in an
ancient language, emanating and bringing us together, psychically, as
all of this had been woven.

the Yomo showed us that she was strong, in all the other faiths, we
saw too, the Ness, it lifted us up and we spoke to the universe
through all sensation, becoming one with it, returning in spirit to
the stars, there among the shining spheres of the tree of life our
spirits learned the ways which had been blocked, by the tao, now we
realized, how we were all together. We realized and we were joyous,
many thought only of the sacred, and the earth and everywhere sprang
with bounty, which we were thankful for and reaped in part, always
sowing some in return, for this was the dance that we were taught, we
saw it all as a circle, and heaven is here now, not seperated by
death, and even the dead are here now, and we planted trees over their
burial grounds which again became greater forests, and sacred places
where we could hear especially strong the universe spirit speaking to

the spirit went forth and those of all faiths began to understand,
less and less was the pressure, and more and more was the relaxation
as the dharma of infinity went throughout spending much time in zazen,
enjoying the grand vision, this world is that vision this is the
supreme, the unimaginably beautiful, rest in stillness here we did,
knowing all beings are one with us, and praying by the method of
making these stories, which the spirits gave us, stories of the coming

we planted trees and we made our joys and our songs, stepping out from
the past, loving all, directed by the angels of positivity, the
messenger was in all of us, like Shiva, appearing in so many different
names yet the energy in the end was one, at night we gathered in it,
without words, without distinction, simply melting into eternity.

Om all of us came from everywhere, we were all natives of the present moment.
the dream is sacred. and lucidity is our sacrament, which we will
never truly be without.

Mesozoic Mister Nigel

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Re: Naklin (sacred wanti text)
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2012, 07:02:12 pm »
Seems to have potential, needs a little editing and some work on formatting.
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