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Started by hirley0, June 11, 2012, 04:07:43 PM

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ad 3160BC 5/10<8 9> moving to .cl for now Bc 5/11<8 ^ READ UP ^



September 23rd

Both K & Diego are under stressfull
Android attacks this morming. THU$
this comes from A Sept/923 folder

Locate on the tower computer & not subject
to word compleations or other Android
changes which so criple those two
My0.pologyies for not being able to help U`$

Ok by post time? K should have :"Strasbourg":
results where I can see them. I AM rather sure
the WiFi signal @ Museum is unusable & this
will post from SafeWay later. 1 > K &2 > D
comprena` Two routings today, both K&D way

8-9am everything went wrong the first hour
1 it was raining so i went back 2 umbrella
2 i went strait to SafeWay 4got Museum WiFi
3 i 4got my StYLi so had to use my idex
4  had deposited todays 5:4 in wrong folder

That ment I could see what I was trying to do
But could no do it as copy/paste was elsewhere
THUS i just gave up the 1St hour and returned
to get my StYLi and finish this explaination

Boo boo2 me all around now 9:15 i will try to
put it whewre i can not only see it, but WHERE
I CAN COPY & PASTE from. {Fast note pad folder

Just trying to find a date!



8:56 @ museum


¥ok best check your SamSunG clocks ® it needs to be reset:
OR eveN replaced, moved East✓ or reconnected to LiB, WHAt?
I, Diego?, do ® not have any plans to open my chess game
Won't you think about that @ 7? Fine maybe I'll buzz off now 7:07
7:30 buzzing off. 7:50 Kindle connected / space dust 20 >.



10/01 7:27


The text for this event was miss filed

(Do I have to go) the game is on my side for me (0)





Alright you two wake up and remember I won in 53 moves. Pay attention!

3:10AM looking forward to photo situation. .1 Why Abu'$ here =REMOVE
2: establish a time frame for South America 3?D}cam{ [ Mov ] (P/S/s/#)

7:00AM Relocate.,  {  981114  }  10:30AM

LOG 10/4

10/4 R not the 2 you avoiding the issue }MY{ day to deal

[NO] we were just discussing the M.G. v Collins game.
I think David over on the TOWER knows, I do not. [√¢]

}{ May 8:30 Get Up' Recall {Mayan\LIBRA\DRAGON}
& Sofia for me all the way! Forget Garbine. & TNKS
Move along to the Spanish and Arabic discussion.!.I

9:20AM v 10:20 @ Safeway } see Tuesday  {


4:44:44.4 AM 10/3/2020 (WeLL Diego)>

what can I teLL U @ this time? LITTLE
Knight 1/4 under:TELEPORTER:'$ attack

thus I'z here :TOWER: TO 1 start tomorrow
(4th)End today 3rd/3 2 D.jpg>1003/H$ &3
Search K for today? = did not Jell :::.

5:00 AM 10/3/the results for 10/2 were U
BLACK in 40 moves ( way to go D) anyway
WE [U&I)best 2each find our own hide out
AS we are under attack from many 1/4'$

5:21 AM 10/3/ .J's moved & revised > D
7:58 AM 10/3/ awake from Edith P.dream
phone. the most inported phone ever.
maybe 3x5x1/4-3/8  THICK rather heavy?

11:08 AM 10/3/2020 YUEH?yeah it did go.0k

copy D>T&ReView: Muguruza v ? (checking)
11:29 AM 10/3/20 Collins -480 +324

[:33?] $14.73 (have2B carefull.) no more5
Si'[):37BLACK in 40 that was QUicK Con.Gr
:49](looked like 10:10PM) I DO NOT KNOW.

)I will try to grasp G.M.> Sunday 10/3
12PM E | 3rd R.done UP/2 |Ja/Sa +2 v/2
So you see there was A 352 door event@
12:34:56.7890PM Just shouting 911 no ?

1:06PM ? 10/4 still SafeWay



10/10 @10:10  for 1:1

0k? Start me v U from 26Jan1938 / Beaverton.OR
v 17JUNE 1980 /Loyola.CA &? 1y 3m -9d 81/09/26

38/1/26 Fire Ox      v
80/6/17 Metal Monkey & 81/9/26 Metal Rooster
53/2/17 Water Snake    & 93/10/8 Water Rooster

I did try to find & watch the opening round video
of the French open !-!i  . I wanted to listen to the
Sound track. I found A Video of you & C. Gauff ?
From a year ago. Was not able to get 2020 1 .



Chess 1/2/1/2 draw @2:34 AM /54moves

}2:40{ Kindle Declaring further interference: Looking into CFK ?/?
To convert 100 megaton e^18 to KwHr to $ v R 5 /5 min move ?

}I{ have to wait, not cleaver using calculator. Is the 1 ? DIEGO ?/?
[✓] PROBABLY NOT: wait until I have the TOWER results, about 7
}F{inE in the meantime! More CFK:?™ FEB 19 1953 2 many ?'$.

3:21AM }WELL{ it is clear }I{ am aware Fernandez is not going
Well! To many unknowns, where when what etc. It does seem
Clear she is a Snake in the Chinese divination? Check further:
[No] way . Must wait! Try more information from Astro Chart!

[HOW] About a Pluto Sun opposition FEB 10 2021 @ 2:05AM
}®{ Could you guys please stop trying to please me? &? -¢/$
[No] you know very well, that governments, for governments,
By governments, for more governments, shall not Parrish.
They all in turn fail, leaving behind more CHAOS! Congrats 4AM

6AM FLUT dream! Reset dictionary ? [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] BING DREAM ?

.1014 @ 1/4 after 4AM

}K{ is very aware of U2R trying to scoop the news { go back2sleep}.

I defeated Diego in 56. So shove off & stay away from my minutes.
My concern is what was CFK doing at 7:11 10/13 ? Do you 2 know?

Now I will check. ¥€∆h I found 10/10 @ 10:10 on DCIM camera
}I{ can run with that. Thus I assume WE will follow the court case
In Argentina! She is making enough money on it I think !-!i  ????/

7:11AM{  (My) version, of this density is the two bags of chips
That I was going to by in the painters coin dream for 65¢ ea.
& (I) may as well add it is 8:11 AM not 7 ! Adjust yourself !-!i .
}¥{ou think I will be able to make the results you need?    Ha:



Black}92{ yeah I'm sure I could have done better than I did. Diego

[Yeah] you know I don't remember what happened in the past !-!i
}I{  defeated Diego in the past two days before I did that.

}I{ have to wait until we are at my place for the results you need.
[Yeah] I don't think you are being offered a new deal with this issue!
}I{ did try again later in a new way forward with my friend who is the best.

[Android]? }Yes{ not the Spanish government shutdown in this country!
[R U] playing the role of women in this case? }Yes{ I did that!-!i  [ o ] ?
}Yeah{ that's what I'm saying, but it's still not a good time for governments.
don't think it's going anywhere from this year to the next two?

}Android{ I have decided not to mention that governments are being used!
" I " Friday at work now and I don't want to open the scoring for you.
}Android{: establish their new way ahead in the painters coin dream
" September " K is the best time for you to get the results you need!
}Yeah{ I will check it out and then relocate to Tunis in 2021

{10:30} I lost the ability to find Venus. Diego your SamSunG is not on.

}©{k this morning I am looking for the results of course? [6/17/80] :
R Pluto rising 19° Libra, Gemini Sun+V op Sag Neptune, Leo Moon!

v [2/19/53] Moon + Jupiter rising, Pisces Sun + Mercury op Leo Pluto
CFR for VP  & A. Not related Fernandez as #1 will talking
As far as her And PutIN 10/7/72 Libra ? Snake v Monk & Dragon?.



! I don't know if it is indeed so. B2U:8:48

(We)LL k' Nice61: However, it was contested.
Very cold out, Skipped the sequence by SafeWay

& todays (10/23) 2020 burp went to 2019 not ABU
(4PM)?2:12(AM) 10/24 THE GENDER{CHESS} WAR
is loaded in the 2 tablet'$. Wd4,c4,Nc3,Qb3,c5,Qxc3 v

[Diego] Black e6,Bd4+,c6,Qe7,Bxc3+,b6? 1st6moVes
10m ,2:22:22.2 back 2 G.war!-!i  ? 2:28 White/48M/
42Moves/Six min 7M/m after ? -Ten min break @
M6 to update the G.war open! W,c4,d4 v B e6~

We)?OK  the Android of this tablet will not allow me
To report the results, so skip to the relocation war
@ 8:48AM. bye 2:34[ Brady won @ CR/Os R2? 21
,(my) war tails will now begin sorted by scale. Cm
¢€ntameter ones include removal of park statue.

-8:44am connected however the Kindle Android would

NOT allow this file to transfer! kept changing []name
to proceed (i) had to copy & paste. It took 1/4 Hr 2C

8:55 (We)LL Diego ou are connected but wait 5 to start
be aware that []name change shows for U also so it must
be some virus in the tower. Yeah there was a bug in bed
9:09( GOT IT in new folder | redeploy PAWS & REnAMED u

& talk in the west haLL so depoyments are underway 4sure
(OVER)[?] Paw deployments to west hall (sure) for 5 min
@ 9:05 - 10 comprenda' & file []name changed  at 9 ?
the whole hour was required to redeploy & relocate ?/?
not sure where th [] name change comes from(out of con)?



3AM Diego Chess, ended at 89 move 3-f draw }3:15{ AM

} ok { for you to open that way? v W d4,c4,Nf3,Nc3,cxd5,Ne5
B Nc3 Bd5,c6,Nf6,e6,exd5,Qe7 3:45 back Chinese Checkers:

4:32 Red won? in less than 1 hour, looks like plum2, &pink 3
What is next? I have no idea! Diego is your SamSunG galaxy
As far as I know, working? [ I ]guess! I think it's just timing 1.

The[ thing to do is sort the results! 1Abu'$ WARt , 2Christina's
$ Problem &3 next Venus  event? IT may be Tunis 4 tennis for
A while ! Argentina$ v Brazil v  {Chilly v Venezuela], @$/00.00
& Zelle trail opens Tuesday ($tupid{ ask your I'M.f about z1.2

9:11AM relocation time !-!i  . Time to update CFK.jpg & more
Will she became aware of the date line move, in time for I'm
.F Rehearsal of Reversal's of contra' v aLL'''$Ss. Silly will she?
([M]a)¥ B : & Tie.DE  will tell   ✓√ V has my vote for pump.
Can day. So go away and bray, bray. Bray, as they say 4.2day


It requires a functional WiFi
11/08 monthly:
1109 C C 3:11-3:21
3,6,5,0:? Open / 4min? 6 4 ~