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There was another Brazillian nut who used to post here.  something Cekemp something.  He translated the BIP into Portugese and was spreading it throughout Brazil.  Or is he one of these guys you are talking about? 

Placid Dingo:
The name isn't familiar. It wasn't Ibrahim Cesar? Ah, maybe Lord Cataplanga!

No, this guy;u=4299

Here's the thread where he joined the board:,13535.0.html

He was Rev Peterson Cekemp but user name is now Peterson Silva

Mesozoic Mister Nigel:
I am also impressed, and excited, that you are doing this project. It feels major.

Placid Dingo:
Thanks. And yeah, that's my guy! Didn't know he'd posted here ever. The three threads he posted in (that are still around) are mint so imma hit some bumpage.


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