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Cool quantum "locking" levitation video

Started by minuspace, July 21, 2012, 01:16:01 AM

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A year old, most you prolly already saw it, still I think it's cool.
Showing super-conductor locking a particular orientation for levitated thingie.
There's just something slightly uncanny about it that does not make sense w.r.t. having only a limited understanding of electro-magnetic fields, lines, etc.  Ergo the quantum "locking", just need some block rocking beats. :lulz:

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i've seen the little metal cubes that kinda just rotate above the cooled magnet, but this is way more awesome


Frikin awesome - looking at the tech. it seems the hard part would be applying that layer of sapphire...  Otherwise, wow, I gotta install something like that in the rec-room, next to my Memlings  :lulz: