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Maybe Not {see tbd next post
- ?/? /\ & \/

        yes, it is true .. ) the tail gets rather FAR FETCHED by now

the CONclusion i try to draw above 64ma is "tbd" e30 was
enough energy input into earths system to cause drift rate to change
thus the number i place on the EVEnt "e30erg" is the -64Ma Date

Let me Kno if the Pt dates to a different PERIOD. I naturally have been wrong B4:,32209.15.html,32209.msg1225248.html#msg1225248
______BELOW/  is the far fetch idea that the e30erg eveNT can be dated
very long lived 107Pd long half-life time of 6.5 million years
Meaning the Leskov_Is PALLADIUM 107Pd  IS in its 10th 1/2 life TBDD'ed .1%
these are considered academic Questions | & academia is considered broke:
_Plodding along anyway v
it was assumed by me, there was Cause, & that it was NOT OiL
here is my present guess: the island arch South of  wiki/Grytviken
is the EAST rim of the 456Km "Crater" {e30erg| thus to generate
that kind of force to an impacter {meteorite? . WHEREAS: Meteorite
is more valuable than gold platinum OR palladium | & that there may
well be a lot of it. (e30's dont come cheap} it is possible not probable
that wiki/Grytviken is itself pure Meteorite { a chip off of the main hunk
TBD. PROBABLY NOT: the point is there {if e30 True) Must be M.material
there about. Worth UNtold amounts. its just no one ever bothered to
study the FACTS. But? My tail is not about the Meteorite Material
itself {4Money has little interest to me){{ leave it is my theory)))
what interests me is the % of Pd 107 | but2 with AC broke : it pointless:

below is a prime example of Me.error. ID is in Meters Not KM i Leave the error 4U
y at 10:37:54 AM
i looked up SUM numbers anyway #970
 PRINT "STANDARD 200KM CRATER "    ID = 30000   IK = 28    IR = 3300
the translation 200Kmcrater not 456K WAS 30KKm diameter "Meterorite"
ok i checked wiki/Grytviken at about 200Km N-s ?
200/30,000= 1/2% chip off the side GryTo0 ..THUS POSSIBLE its PuRE BS
thus the BS should have been 200,000/30000 = Seven times to Larger
then again {oh never mind {{ maybe there is no Pt {{{ i do doubt that
& maybe there is no crater at all && i doubt that eveN More  &&& ?

NOT sure wat is next if anything C  active: ?
Tue, Nov 27, 1:00 am ยท Riding Rails In China, Part 2
coverage of china meteor?:14

1. Hoba, Namibia, 66.0 tons (1920)
2. Campo del Cielo (El Chaco), Chaco, Argentina, 37 tons (1969)
3. Cape York (Ahnighito) West Greenland, Greenland, 30.875 tons (1894)
4. Armanty, Xinjiang, China, 28.0 tons (1898)
                Xinjiang  China                (2011)
5. Bacubirito, Sinaloa, Mexico, 22.0 tons (1863)
6. Cape York (Agpalilik), West Greenland, Greenland, 20.1 tons (1963)
7. Mbosi, Rungwe, Tanzania, 16.0 tons (1930)
8. Campo del Cielo, Chaco, Argentina, 14.850 tons (2005)
9. Willamette, Clackamas Co. OR, USA, 14.140 tons (1902)
10. Chupaderos I, Chihuahua, Mexico, 14.114 tons (1852)
        < :fnord: Me2 obviously Mostly on Pt account
Listen to your heart string kid, i AM sure it serious
Read 313 i ran the 970 option and came up with 50e15Kg as Mass
eveN at 2 Sol per gram that 100 whatever U call 15's ? 6 9's?
Million Billion ?/? A lot of dinERo : Enought to tell those who keep asking
for more " U have 1 week to grab what U think U have coming, then
get out & STAY OUT PRIVATE Pt private 'rite. So yeah there is
A reason for the season. take a break go BreaKFast with D. at cafE'
take along  a CD | 3:25:03 AM

11:30:31 Nov 28th, 2012 - 07:08 pm  Who owns BP Now? major sh 315}

R110  :fnord:
10:02:27 AM > LOS of wifi connection: 10:17:57 AM ^
^10:02:27 AM ^
YES: K got me again the amount should be Thousand Million Billion { BB ?
^3:53:34 AM ^
^3:41:56 AM ^

8. Campo del Cielo, Chaco, Argentina, 14.850 tons (2005) ?/? time to sell ?
9. Willamette, Clackamas Co. OR, USA, 14.140 tons (1902)
     ^ ^


?9-jan? :fnord: 12/12/19/ch :fnord: march :fnord:
possible return to A Question about the Law UNDERWATER


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