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209>>> May i further suggest WATER DEPTH? & LoOking towards deeper W
209^^ May i suggest ASKing the gals in white concerning THE situation
 ^ ^
209v My guess is, due to the situation at time, burning was faster
than sinking? THUS  the above water portions {masts/canvas| would not
be WHAT TO LOOK FOR (what to look for } would be below the water
Keel, ballast, RUDDER, ANCHOR & chain, & other underwater FACTs where?
There is a popular misconception that the ships were burned rather than sunk. This misconception has been attributed to the reference made by Cervantes de Salazar in 1546 as to Cortés burning his ships. This may have also come from a mistranslation of the version of the story written in La
    ^   ^

^^^^^^^^^ """"give the Grand Duke back"""" ^^^^^^  ?
read 200 times ^ READ UP ^
Doña Marina, as an interpreter;/ Hernán_Cortés
scarcity of reliable sources of information about him
In 1519, expedition to the mainland
spring, 1519. expedition consisting of 11 ships
Bernal Díaz , The Conquest of New Spain
= =
it seams CLEAR to me Conquest is not the way forward
Those ships that were deliberately sunk included Grand Duke Constantine,
: : :
the central idea is to give the Grand Duke back
giving enployment to the peninsula going forward
FROM: at Vera Cruz
? ? ? ?
Grand Duke Constantine at Vera Cruz 1519
Leaving the details to the story tellers
& movie maker/eanographer Robert Ballard

19:58v height="307" width="495" v 264 x 426 v
President Cristina Fernandez is taking the floor during the closing ceremony of the annual convention of the Argentina Chamber of Construction, at the Sheraton Hotel in Buenos Aires.
i do wish i were not so impatient, that i had taken time to improve the light
& mostly that U would learn the lesson of speaking to a flame~!
211 ONE if by Land 2 if by sea?
/-/AVe Little doubt this PR favored the UNDER WATER attributes
However today a less adventurous land approach is suggested
Causeway cobble stones? the pathway leading to the future?/?
May be more easily found, acquired ?  & transported!! Thank U

   ? ,= :fnord: =, Read 248 times^ 249^^
247 YES: No i do not know. bac2daily Fri
:fnord: nounced Argentina, planning to build {9 pas) nuclear submarine”'(S)
Read 225 times Moving along: 237 242&246^ .. .. Quantity not Quality
^read up^ & vREAD DOWNv BOTH
it is sad, truly CHAT did work & worked well, the ban  came when i did
attempt to send a :"PRIVATE": CHAT to Myself (next day} 20121122 > 3

Read 255 times So it goes & it came to pass

it is now time to think in terms of sub's 9 PAS
Quantities of these should be assembled per plan
in all probability they should be concived of AS
MODULAR rather than as unibody | ISS not Toyoto
the forward section is the work area . Many tasks
are preconcieved and design by subassembly parts.
For example kelp harvistors, kreal katchers
gold miner, well drillers, tunnel makers etc.
the second {mid) section is the control module
again by means of sub module design . etachable
wing tanks holding propulsion drives | plug in
detachable electrical supply units etc etc
the aft unit of a 3 unit craft would be quarters
thus <AFT)quarters})CONTROL})WORK SPACE_\ FWD>
allowing for )Q})Q})C})C})C})w_\configurations

1:38 WeLL i guess U get the idea Modular not UNaBody
i should have shown more crew Quarters (3x3} and fewer (Con}
{never mind| the concept is that the propulsion & main power units
attach externally or short wing extensions are not yet even ideas
and will be years prior to completion so temp's must do ?/? ONE
concept is to turn the control module upside down such that the
wings extend down instead of up ,O, and crawler treads would be
used to propel the craft along the bottom rather than thru the water
it of course remains a mystery how it will go,
My main point again is Modular, to get away from Unabody
the main concept is to NOT think in Square terms
instead think about spheres & cylinders | seals & attachments
standards of size shape connectivity? ISS designs NOT 4Earth designS

get A hat Like the Admirals hat y at 02:03:37 AM
PUT THE HAT, up on a shelf/stand, in a small room, at the port,
WHERE you discuss progress/LaCK.thereof on sub construction
with 5 others, count yourself as #6 . do NOT wear the hat!
as far as hair do? think bee hive, afro friz, Mohawk , hair above head
not hair below sholders.
 get the 1st sewer pipe? 8, 10, or 12ft diameter by length 20 or 25 Maybe 10
of corragated iron/steel culvert pipe  in place on way for preliminary mock up
of the grews quarters 3/QU . No plans are required at this stage, only action
AS for the remainder of the year, it pure trial and error / With no plans at all.
except the HAT plan. My guess is it is best to ASK Putin what NOT to do.
as i AM sure by now he has a very firm opinion on the subject. Lots of U sure

Total time logged in: 52 days, 11 hours and 48 minutes. 3:33&1/3 pSt

contra verse poise U R a off season krill killer
and now U C the black sands at "Visokoi" hold Pt
what to do what to do? GRAB grub Gold Pan & fule
up. get there 1st 2765 km from Puerto Deseado, at
1o/ = 275Hr say 12 days give or take two?
where to toss in? East or West? My guess is
the lee shore? thoug the West may have more Pt
it is probably to deep to see in the bright
argon light. check your light prior to leaving
port as may be that sodium or halagon reflects
better off platinum. thus in the dark with
you light shine it around the black sands & dig
then. THEN pan OR Plan to move out by DAWNs
light. & chatch a squid or two on your way in. 

THUS: 4Me, it appeared 456 was post
CONtin.entil drift ? say -64Ma Maybe
to me it appeared the RIM is well preseverd
Islands: 2 that at e30 there should be lots
of Pt {Platinum Group metals around?/?
Maybe eveN 110? 3: So yeah: hold off Grand
Duke for now. /-/AVe the nine gals face ESE
Sandwitch and Hum Sum Come hither U sCUm,
do not delay towing a coverit out to anchor
there. and watch for Sea Gails etc.
 it should be probable that the 1st QU could
be in the water by xMass for the 9 gals to
try to get into and out of. REMember QU's sink
it was not desired to remain on the surface
for eveR. get them under, & keep them UNdeR4wk


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