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Sick and Tired

Started by CorbeauEtRenard, August 23, 2012, 08:35:21 AM

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Why the Nebraska Cacophony Society?

Because I'm sick and tired.
I'm sick of just passively receiving culture instead of making it mine.
I'm tired of having great ideas, marveling over them for a time, and then throwing them on top of the 30-foot high pile of dreams that I've never gotten around to realizing.
I'm sick of procrastinating on things I enjoy.
I'm tired of sitting around waiting for things to happen.
I'm sick of knowing anyone can be an artist but not proving it by example.
I'm tired of "would be cool if" instead of "is awesome because."
I'm sick of boredom.
I'm tired of other people having all the fun.
I'm sick of the monotony.
I'm tired of not acting just because I'm accustomed to being a spectator.
I'm sick of being jealous of those who act.
I'm tired of seeing years passing without having made a mark on them.
I'm sick of the little voice that says, "too hard," "too time consuming," "too much work," "too much commitment" and then leaves me to do nothing for hours of unrelenting blandness.
I'm tired of "someday."
I'm sick of "eventually."
I'm tired of "when I find the time" when I know full well that the time will never be found, it has to be made.
I'm sick of the same old, same old.
I'm tired of not doing anything to break up the same old, same old and replace it with something new and exciting.
I'm sick of the armchair.
I'm tired of consuming entertainment instead of making it.
I'm sick of thinking wistfully about a time when I did know how to make it instead of just observing it.
I'm tired of wondering if I can get back to that instead of knowing that I have.
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Placid Dingo

Corbeau! That's cool! I shared your gif on the Chasing Eris page not knowing it was you.
I'm in contact with the Erisan who started the Denver chapter of the CS, and she cited similar reasons.

Let us know how it goes! I'm really interested.
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Mesozoic Mister Nigel

I'm glad you're doing something!

The once-great Portland Cacophony Society, of which I was once an avid member, has declined to just be a couple of aging wackier-than-thou power-trippers who host the same, no-longer-novel, events that my friend Mitzi started two decades ago and aren't interested in suggestions from new people (or even oldtimers they don't know), whom they treat with the utmost in contempt.
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