Author Topic: The Compiled Rugged Individualist Conversation  (Read 27078 times)

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Re: The Compiled Rugged Individualist Conversation
« Reply #135 on: January 29, 2020, 05:23:58 pm »
Well, I was just sayin'.  Both ideologies require that people behave in predictable, machine-like ways.  This is why both ideologies are complete and utter failures, and result in a very few people having it all at the expense of, you know, everyone else.

Can you give me one factual reason why a free market system as proposed by libertarianism is desirable?

I couldn't possibly argue that either system would be desirable for anyone but myself. Bitch, I don't know yo life. I'd simply say that I'd trade/exchange in a free-market manner regardless of what everyone else wants, because it's what works for me. The way I see it, people already trade/exchange in whatever way they want to, whether it be with restriction, or without it. If you choose to limit yourself with constructs and laws, be my guest. If I want to limit my trade with different constructs and laws than you do, that's my choice, and it shouldn't affect any of yours. I don't think anyone should be pressing their trade/exchange restrictions on anyone else. Free-market, to me, implies that all possible sides are accounted for.

If you find out that a company is doing something in a way that you don't like, you can boycott them. I see the argument for that being a massive inconvenience for everyone involved (Or only for you, if you're the only one who disagrees), but that just means you need to decide which consequence is more in your favor: Buying from a shitneck company and having the things you want/need, or finding other more inconvenient ways to get what you want/need or not having everything you want/need. And now it all comes back to consequences. FUCK ME, I HAD IT WRONG ALL ALONG. CONSEQUENCES DICTATE BOTH SIDES' ACTIONS.

Sigh, see underlined ^

If the Free Market is so impressive, why do you refuse to acknowledge that libertarianism was rejected by the marketplace of ideas decades ago?

Bumping for something I'm working on.

The free market was also rejected by the marketplace of ideas, about 120 years ago.
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