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Here's your Goddamn hate letter Howl!

Started by The Wizard Joseph, May 24, 2020, 04:07:42 PM

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The Wizard Joseph

From: The Wizard Joseph, Memeber Discordian Society, Renunciate of many things recently

Unto: Doktor Hamish Howl, Memeber Discordian Society, Sometime Subgenius, Obnoxiously Accurate Prophet

WHY THE FUCK DO YOU ALWAYS, ALWAYS HAVE TO BE RIGHT YOU BASTARD!!?? Can't just the occasional, little, itty bitty, implausibility slip past undetected and actually happen? I wouldn't mind personally if you took some time off and stopped with the prophecy thing just for a little while!! Just a little delusion for the sake of comfort is all anyone could ask in this clusterfuck of a reality. IT'S NOT ASKING TOO MUCH!! Worst part is I can't even blame YOU anymore than I can blame a mirror or a photograph for showing me my own scabby undercarriage in an ill light. BUT I CAN BE ANNOYED!!

Yeah so Vermin Supreme was a long shot. Yeah so I got disillusioned before the end entirely. I saw Vermin trim his beard and dress corporate as his mad dog VP pick pandered openly to the "Plandemic" crap, then despite this get railroaded out by someone They astroturfed in anyway. I should not have wasted my time and YOU WERE RIGHT FUCKING AGAIN!! STOP IT!! It's like lemon juice on papercuts ON MY EYEBALLS!!!

You know since I got some word count to kill in this HATE LETTER I owe you BECAUSE you are right I just want to say that this has been the main problem with you since I got here. It's not that you're ALWAYS right. It's that you're right extremely frequently and I often initially disagree only to discover that worse than you being right I WAS WRONG!! I can feel your righteous emmanation in the astral like a lit match on a sunburn and it's NOT GOING AWAY!!! Yours is not the holy light of some benevolent Creator of Heaven and Earth. YOU SIR ARE HAWKING RADIATION!! YOUR LIGHT IS THE HORRIBLE FLATULENCE ISSUING FROM AZATHOTH'S FROTHY CAKE EATER into an eldritch PICCOLO with a PITCH fit to liquefy my GODDAMN BRAINS into a cup so I can MIX IT WITH HEMLOCK and guzzle that shit DOWN TILL I FINALLY DIE!!!

Kindest personal regards.
You can't get out backward.  You have to go forward to go back.. better press on! - Willie Wonka, PBUH

Life can be seen as a game with no reset button, no extra lives, and if the power goes out there is no restarting.  If that's all you see life as you are not long for this world, and never will get it.

"Ayn Rand never swung a hammer in her life and had serious dominance issues" - The Fountainhead

"World domination is such an ugly phrase. I prefer to call it world optimisation."
- Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality :lulz:

"You program the controller to do the thing, only it doesn't do the thing.  It does something else entirely, or nothing at all.  It's like voting."
- Billy, Aug 21st, 2019

"It's not even chaos anymore. It's BANAL."
- Doktor Hamish Howl

Doktor Howl

Well, you're a man of your word.   :lulz:

Response forthcoming.  I have finally taken a day off, and Jenn and I are binge-watching NCIS.  Which I am subjecting myself to on account of I love her THAT much.
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