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RevRoger Sermon 19: The Sermon on the Roof.

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The Good Reverend Roger:

Irreverend Hugh, KSC:
*sniffs* *teary eyed* That was beautiful. It needs to be posted all across Chicago and every other major city.

Normal,  Normality, Normalcy: (adj.) 1.)The so called "perfect state" of humanity, the apparent edifice of society's lofty (and never held) ideals. 2.) A state whereby the "normal" individual is in total harmony with the state of tick-tock. 3.) A state in which people convince themselves they exist in order to avoid responsibility for their own misofortunes and problems.

Taken from the cynictionary of Saint Trollax: a tome of hip counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-culture words, phrases, slang, put-downs, and one-liners...

~Cynictional Trollax~

Irreverend Hugh, KSC:
abnormality is also highly over-rated.

Sir Lyall:
Normal can also be the majority, or at least what the majority thinks is the majority, although the majority of them are probably not living it.   :wink:

I agree that abnormality is highly over-rated, especially when the culture (the powers that be, if you will) assimilates the counter-culture and put it to use for their own ends.


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