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The City that Ate People #4: Tests of Faith

Started by Richter, June 05, 2013, 03:13:17 AM

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So on a homily sort of stroll down a beach with a certain deity, Everyman looked behind him.

Usually, Everyman doing ANYTHING was a set up to prove how fucked we all were, but this time he just made an observation and asked a question.

"Hey Lord", he said (since even though he was strolling with the guy Everyman knew better than to get familiar with the guy whose NICE side was turning people into pillars of salt), "We've both been walking for awhile."

"Have we?", replied the lord.

"We have, and we've each been leaving footprints."

"It would follow."

"So how come I look back and only see one set of prints sometimes?"

"It's because I  created you just before they split that last time." the lord replied.

"I can see where they branched before then.  I was definitely there before."

"I made those too.  Deity, right?"

"No you didn't."  said Everyman.  "I remember this whole walk, the morning before it, and having beers with Paul and Peter yesterday."

"I created those memories.  Hope you liked them."

"Sure you could have, but what would be the point then?"

"There is none.  Just accept that you've done nothing on your own, exist only at my sufferance, and rejoice in your faith in me." said the lord.

"You're fucking around with me, lord." said Everyman, who turned and started back to where he'd parked his mule.

The lord smirked and kept walking.  "The kid owes me a Coke." he said to no one in particular.

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