Doing everything exactly opposite from "The Mainstream" is the same thing as doing everything exactly like "The Mainstream."  You're still using What Everyone Else is Doing as your primary point of reference.

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I tried something

Started by ein Gefrorener Würfel, May 23, 2024, 09:53:14 PM

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ein Gefrorener Würfel


I think its cute, provided those aren't bodily fluids
Sleepless nights at the chateau

Bobby Campbell

I think it works! Try it on better paper and/or with some kind of contextual framing device and I bet you'll like it more  :fnord:  :fnord:  :fnord:

Brother Mythos

My first impression:

   Dragons Forming
Discordianism is fundamentally mischievous irreverence.

ein Gefrorener Würfel

Yeah they are cute. But they are supposed to be monsters. But I'm unable to turn them into monsters.