Author Topic: Your New Car is Spying On You  (Read 6172 times)

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Re: Your New Car is Spying On You
« Reply #60 on: August 05, 2013, 06:12:41 pm »
The freeway system in the Phoenix area is actually not completely awful, except for a few junctions that were clearly designed by a kindergartner hopped up on Ritalin. Still, because of changing densities and development plans around the freeways, traffic patterns on them change faster than remodeling can keep up with them. So we have bottlenecks and traffic jams pretty much every day, and the general rule is "find a surface street to bypass the shitty part, and Godspeed to you."

I personally despise the entire notion of personally operated automobiles in city limits. If you want to fuck off in the countryside for a while, then by all means get a tank or whatever you feel will most adequately crush small woodland creatures, and go have fun. But in the city, people should be moved by automated systems. This works in large, dense cities, but in places like the Phoenix area, where we have 4 million people spread out over about 800 square miles, mass transit tends to make very little sense, because God forbid your city looks like a fucking city. But I digress.

So I have no problem with smart cars or tracking systems, as long as they go all the way and take out the steering wheel too, and drive the things via satellite or something. Too many insufferable jackasses on the roads threatening my life.
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