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The world is rotting. No one else sees it. But you do. It's time to be free. To get rid of this system that holds you.

Corporations and banks reign supreme, politicians bicker like children while they sign away your future behind closed doors in ever more unprecedented ways. Commercials and advertisements invade our daily lives, each one more disingenuous than the last. So many lies that it becomes numbing, and everybody acts like itís no big deal. It's like a game that everyone is forced to play.

But youíre not like them.

Youíre different. You are going to free yourself. Because thatís the worst part, isnít it? Youíre contributing to this whole farce. Every time you go to the store to buy an appliance, swinging through drive thru because youíre late to work.
So many factors going on that every time you put on clothes, listen to music, or eat food you donít know what terrible thing youíre supporting. The game the world is playing has expanded to the point where simply living a life provides all the fuel those bastards need to keep the status quo running full steam.

You canít run. Thereís not a scrap of earth or water on this planet that they haven't made their playing field. There may seem like it but theyíll find you. Theyíll drag you back dead or alive and prop you up on a hamster wheel so you can keep working for them. But youíre still going to be free. Youíre not going to let yourself contribute to the problem anymore. Itís time to cut it out of your life.

Stop going to stores. You want to line the pockets of some rich fuck? Hell no. Even most of the places that act all local and wholesome are liars. You canít trust them. Get rid of it. Free yourself.

Throw out your tv. Itís all lies and propaganda anyway. Music and movies? You think record companies have ethical standards? You think a multimillion dollar blockbuster makes benevolent business decisions. Even independent entertainment isnít pure. Who made their camera or audio equipment? What corporations profit from them? From raw materials to marketing you canít trust anything. Get rid of it. Free yourself.

You own a car? Got some bad news for you there. Switch to the bus? Great, now instead of a corporation youíre supporting a government system. You think either of them have your best interests at heart? That computer youíre on? Google some of the parts itís made from. Ask yourself how much of it was probably made by slaves. Get rid of it. Free yourself.

While weíre talking about slaves, how about you take a look at your clothes? Read the tags and do some research. Best case scenario you donít know who the hell made it. You can bet that it wasnít a happy well paid person. Get rid of it. Free yourself.

Those people you know? Even the ones called your friends? Sheeple, more like it. Theyíre not like you, and even if they pretend to be they donít know how to be pure. They still support their masters. They join causes that will only betray them in the end. Youíre not dumb enough to believe in their political parties or causes. They are part of the problem. Get rid of them. Free yourself.

Leave your apartment. Walk away from that 30 year old mortgage. Quit your job. Take your money out of the bank, better yet, throw it away. Itís just a tool of the oppressive system youíre trying to escape. Get rid of it. Free yourself.

Youíve finally done it.

Youíre naked.

Youíre alone.

Youíre penniless.

Youíre finally free.

Naked, alone, and lying in a ditchÖÖBecause, yeah. Thatíll show Ďem.

You think this changes anything? Is the world a better place now?  No?

Well get up, then. Brush yourself off. Think about what you did and why you did it.

You want to be pure?  You want to live a blameless life free of hypocrisy? Go be a chair. Go be a rock or a doorknob. Because inanimate objects are the only things that get to be that sort of thing.

You are human. You are going to be a hypocrite. You are going to fuck up. You're going to be wrong. A lot. Sometimes you won't be able to change the things you want to change. It's okay not to be Batman.

And those sheeple? They're not sheep. They're people. They just happen to be asleep and guess what? So are you 80-90 percent of the time. Maybe some of them won't wake up. But none of them will if you use words like sheeple. Would you?

But not everything you did was stupid. Maybe you would feel better if you shopped at different stores, if you chose different friends, if you did a little more research and thinking about the world around you.

Aiming to live a perfect life is folly. Aim to live a better one.

Learn to master the fine art of not-freaking-out-when-someone-believes-something-different-than-you.

Don't become as rigid as the system you hate. Don't let your aversion to their rules define your freedom. Break yourself of the either/or nonsense.

It's hard work. You'll be pulled at constantly as the world ebbs and flows around you. You'll have to think hard and decide when you will and won't be pulled. Sometimes you'll do some pushing yourself. If you push the wrong way (and you will), change your direction. Roll with the punches. Don't stop thinking.

Just because you play within the game. Doesn't mean you have to play their game.

Free yourself.

Q. G. Pennyworth:
I love this so hard I want to have its babies.

Doktor Howl:

--- Quote from: McGrupp on July 25, 2013, 01:52:56 am ---
And those sheeple? They're not sheep. They're people. They just happen to be asleep and guess what? So are you 80-90 percent of the time. Maybe some of them won't wake up. But none of them will if you use words like sheeple. Would you?

--- End quote ---


Mesozoic Mister Nigel:
FUCKING GOLDEN. This part right here:
--- Quote ---Aiming to live a perfect life is folly. Aim to live a better one.
--- End quote ---


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