Author Topic: Hey, someone finally found a use for 3-D printers that DOESN'T involve firearms  (Read 1576 times)

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"Letting a God into your life is like letting "Bob" into your wallet.  It's going to hurt, because they always grab more things that they said they would."
-Some silly dead bastard in Tucson.

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Hah, yes.

You may also remember this anti-piracy campaign from a few years ago:

Uh, well...

Using a US$499 3D printer known as the Solidoodle, 32-year-old computer programmer Ivan Sentch has been printing the necessary parts to create an outline of a 1961 Series II Aston Martin DB4, which he has begun sticking onto a wooden frame. Later, he intends to use this mould to create a fibreglass cast, which he will then place on top of a Nissan Skyline's running gear.


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2013 Belief Du Jour:
3D Creationism.

Our universe was created by a humongous 3D Printer. This 3D Printer exists in a larger universe which itself was printed by an even larger 3D Printer.

As the tech develops, we will start to see inklings of 3D Printers being able to print cells, minerals, chemicals, etc... in time, we will be printing little microcosmic worlds, and then eventually those worlds will invent their own 3D printers...


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That is really cool.

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3D guns are terrible.

I can't wait to see the printers becoming more affordable, and we'll see a rise in mom and pop stores.