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The Game of Mao
« on: January 17, 2019, 02:06:23 am »
So about the game of Mao...

...why does no one on here play it?!

Mao is a card game about oppressive rules and defeating the regime of the Chairman. All it takes is a typical 52-card deck, though more decks are ideal for more people. The goal is simple. Start with some number of cards in your hand, and play by The Chairman's Rules to try and empty your hand before anyone else does. The Rules are also simple:

Rule 1: The First Rule of Mao is that you can't talk about The Rules, except for The First Rule.
Rules 2-∞: Figure it out!

When you win a round, you can (or must, depending on The Rules) create a new Rule without telling your fellow Players. The Game goes on, and they must figure out the new Rule, lest they be penalized for breaking it. You can even be penalized if you break your own rule.
A lot of people play with similar handfuls of Rules, but even I don't use all the "normal" Rules that I've seen other Chairmen use. Everyone plays Mao slightly differently, and things can get tricky as the rounds, and new Rules, add up.

So whaddaya think? Wanna go find yourself a Chairman to deal you in?
O, the Frog fell down to Tehran.
To fix the broken hourglass in the sun.
From the gates, to the city, to the market so pretty,
They'd not leave until they were done.

Said the Goddess to the Frog,
"You'd best be moving along."
So sayeth the water, the words of Anahita,
But the Frog just made themselves a bog.

And lo, they said:

"May I have your shoes, miss?
O great Water Goddess,
I've a journey that I need to start."
She responded from her knowing, wise heart.

With this, said the Goddess,
"Go now, take these shoes with."
And covered their webbed feet with glee.
"You'll do good not to disappoint me."

Thank you for completing the free trial. To view the rest of this poem, nag me about it...I might not respond by giving you the rest of it, but when has that ever stopped you?