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< 1:18:27 pm wrong with the results achieved thus far.
Palenque^ superbly transcribed by L.Schele
^  morphemic   ^
well studied by the dirtNOISE archaeologists."[this quote needs a citation]
olars such as J. Kathryn Josserand, Nick Hopkin {do not exist
exhibition entitled "The Blood of Kings: A New Interpretation of Maya Art".
^ at an exponential pace ^ / on a morphemic rather than syllabic  six kings of Palenque
ad 136 Maya glyphs Decipherment>^
facial-recognition v v 1:23pm :fnord:
DID download the   ML box it will be a WHILE while i play catch UP

ad 155 i did arrive late at the CONGA CLUB
the MLK door was Locked, by thetime i found the back door way in
it was time for me to leave already B4 xfer XpirED

ad 178 bac2G ad 183 Oatmeal French Toast?{ad 185 ad 187}
yes, i did have FT, he pizza for Lu  .vi at 17of18 Next? AU=
ad 194  yeah bac2LrN 2do the Mayan ManGo tbc? :fnord:
ad 197 YA- Here to think MyA not as read it
As construct it | F orm over substance | i see no reason to attach
meaning | for now it makes just as much sense to suppose it was
mostly ESP | some sort of mental telepathy | & glifts were simply
Emoticoms , there function may have been to induce a trance like
state an connect the viewer to the link to the group thought
kind of like tuning your tv set these days only 480 channels? not 108
really  though how do i construct one | ok go to character MAP | : 3am
0k 20 wide by ? down | 10 per page = 200/p by ?/? i counted 7 pages 1400
&I never had a clue in the past that hitting page down
instead of moving down 20 line | give page 1 a differnt page one
oh my stay tuned 1| 4H\ | 2| 4H\ | that is not right  2|\ | that is not it
never mind does not translate | ok i c the font changes > 60 {never mind

1st the goodies>
next copy paste & size to fit {that is to start
3:33&1/3 now what?

10:20/ad 214 FONT understood & [ "ó" ] SPECGRAM \MatLab making ¢ents /
ad 197 well one thing is try to understand WHAT FONT
is the default font i am typing in {looking at| any clues ????/ ic10
is the default font i am typing in {looking at| any clues ????/
is the default font i am typing in {looking at| any clues ????/=verdana 5

comic sans ms 10   NOT
trebuchet ms 9   
andale mono 8    NOT
georgia 7   NOT
times new roman 6  NOT
verdana 5
impact 4   NOT
arial black 3   NOT
arial 2    NOT
courier 1   NOT
0K that is determined next get cal ?
size2fit:                                insert devider
arrive at wrong # Maybe}     {should be ok

ad 220 10 AKBAL ? Check it out Above^
no i do not HAVE a link in my memory i donno
look4 most famous rain deer of all: }}} NOT  NOT NOT NOT
/\/OT? :fnord: MAYBE THIS WAY? >  YEAH? yeah::>
<< AH HA IMIX U  <1,2,3c 

is it CLEER ? i can NOT write <123 My$cr | without using "paint" 1St

ad 234  search 8 pages of [Portraits (Heads)] no snooks?
23 pages of [Main Signs] &? 532  25[Affixes] & no snooks. Tp57*20=1140
?=2# Min/day :fnord: UO [top-notch team o] {More As {{ Right

:fnord: wood Of course I'Z O'poise {{ get :fnord: >  
ad 259 much later after a nap? 
MyMy ver.U is not simple sound {aeiou¥) | BASE  | ALTO  |
but complex something like [ composer song singer format{cd,78,45| &club]
today i will try to look up composer & BASE LINE SINGER {LEFT
& THE ALTO |RIGHT} EVEN IF the same gal sings Left & the right notes
2 start the D 'bate i'LL say A[Back.op14 \ StryAnn] & [Back.op3 \ Ann&] {
The production was a Musical | was not a situation comedy! NOT{aEiou
THE MANY songs/sounds were in the minds not on CD/VINAL
IN ORDER TO TRANSLATE the meaning it is necessary to 1st find A singer.
to find a singer goto the club where she does
PalInk¥ is my guess | however there may be better places | oFF the HiWay
it doeth appear AH HA w1000 a-i{9) is the MAIN 'poiser :fnord: <AHHA
FOR NOW ASSUME ? ahha = 'poiser /\/EXT find the Vocal Voice (V V) 4short
My guess4 base{Delma | & ALTO}Bachelet ? checkit
Delma as choral ensemble Bachelet as solo alto
it is my guess | ? | they have each some of the sounds | in their sub.cons


ad 274 :fnord: Mth154 today broken=0 Kimi
NOT         "Tzolkin: 13   Cimi"


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