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Passed the bars.

Started by Salty, May 29, 2014, 09:32:18 PM

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One of the easier lies to tell yourself is that you want out of your cell.

These bars are too thick!
These walls are too narrow and unsightly!
I want out!

No. You don't. You never did. In fact, and I know this is going to hard to understand, but you need to know: you already got out. For a while. But it didn't take you long to meander past the smaller walls you put up around the outer edges of your prison. In no time at all you worked your way toward the far end, the swirling and pulsing horizon that reaches all the way up and from side to side.

From far away, sitting in the confines of your safe place it seemed this place was shifting back and forth, shifting things in and out of your line of sight. Some parts were covered completely, others were so twisted and warped that they made little sense, if any.

But right at the foot of it, as far away from your prison as you could possibly be, it's all clear. Every bit of it, there, inescapable. You can see so clearly all the dreams you gave up on, the dreams you couldn't see, the dreams you'll never see. Behind the drab grey covers and deep in the hidden nooks of this horrible and beautiful and distant part of your own self, as you reach through, trying to get as far away from your cell as possible you'll find cold, hard, immovable stones.

You chose to forget all about that though. Better to hope. Better to sit in idleness, cursing the horrible nature of your situation, while, with the same breath, pining for reaching closer to your dreams, to your distant goals, ignoring the menacing fears that mingle with them.

Better to live that way, eh? Your head may be in the sand, but at believe you must pull free, even if you know better.
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Mesozoic Mister Nigel

My current plan is to just make my cell big enough to fit everything inside it.
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