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poem fragments I don't know what else to do with

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The Wizard Joseph:
This one came to me in 2013 while chatting on FB. Also a song, but  figure it's complete.

/° Half a Fnord.


I agree
Can be a big snare
It seems to me
Is not really there

All here is
Tied up in a thread
Seems to me
The play that I read

Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like a false view
To see in unity a haven to go back to
Accept difference and strive for collectives
Adapt or die but spare God your invectives


I can't really swear but I have an inkling
That I'm not alone in quietly thinking
The folks at the top can't get to the bottom
Of the steel riddle that's totally go 'em


One more verse and I'll get to bed
And ReSet the heavens and hells in my head
No archon can hold you; I've just told you
Nor man ever say where the wind's gonna step to


The Wizard Joseph:
Bit of a rant fragment.

But he's safer right?

We spend trillions on this stuff so it has to work right?

At least our homeless folks are safer and more free than any other nation's right?

I mean there's no better way to spend our nation's wealth than on things that will rain sudden firey horror on all who would threaten our peaceful and prosperous national interests or seek to put an end to our amazing social order right?

Clearly we the people have everything under a total and fine tuned Control because utterly nothing happens in our nation or it's spheres of influence that we don't have absolutely comprehensive, unanimous understanding of that has been the result of our transparency of government, freedom of information, enlightened economic structures, boundless work ethic, ease of discourse, and diligent citizens...

The Wizard Joseph:
There is no Disco
Only fools.

Their genes may come from
Shallow pools

They're full of themselves
Head in ass

They just don't get it
End of class

The Wizard Joseph:
Posted to DS2015 some time ago. Included link to video that inspired this bit of poem.

Words of fallen stars
Beat back the darkness
In the backmask

Hear the new
Word coming
Through the beat

Feel the terrible
Joy as line by line
A new story goes
On as foot by foot
We make our stanza

And far from the last

No enemies
Only friends

We can go there
But don't go there

Then and only then
Will the ignorant tyranny
Justly and finally end

-T. W. Joseph
Thanks for reading!!


The Wizard Joseph:
Is not silence sometimes a sin?
Really when does one begin
to betray
by Way of
not saying

Is it even ok to ponder the line?
Could it be alright to entwine
with my words
all that I
may incline;
Who Am I?


I'm wondering if it's soon time to crack.
If not aught else but a GRIN! :)


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