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The Wizard Joseph:

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--- Quote from: LMNO on October 09, 2015, 07:31:33 pm ---The Budweiser Clamato Chelada abomination was from a Discordian Meatup a few years ago.  About a dozen or so of them met in CT and stayed the weekend in a house.  Amazingly, everyone survived.

There's a thread somewhere that tells the tale.

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True story.

Budweiser Clamato Chelada. The drink that Twid refused to try.

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Best damn write up for an unholy combination I've ever read

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It's like an extreme Stoic exercise where instead of fighting and mastering a natural impulse like spitting out a mouthful of water when thirsty or going without a coat during a winter walk instead you find new and more horrible things to endure than nature intended.

Sucking down the Budweiser Clamato Chileda when you're not even drunk yet, as a starter, has to be some kind of mark of grim mastery.

Reverend What's-His-Name?:
Went on a cruiseship recently and tried a bunch of different concoctions.  My favorite was the Rockstar.  Don't remember what the fuck was in it, but maybe that was the point.

The Wizard Joseph:
3 Goddesses Black Blood Wine Spritzer

Equal proportions

A'Siciliana Aranciata Sicilian
blood orange soda consecrated to Eris

Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot
Consecrated to Lady Nola (New Orleans)

Five Reasons Cabarnet Sauvignon
Consecrated to Oya, Orisha of storms, change, and magic

Pour the each wine one after the other into a serving container and let it splash while pouring to aerate and mix.

Pour blood orange soda in gently at a steep angle to preserve carbonation.

Stir gently but with increasing swiftness until a clear funnel forms in the liquid.

Withdraw stirring device and allow the liquid to settle into stillness naturally.

Pour into broad red wine glass or brandy snifter and serve at room temperature.

CAUTION: A heady sensation will occour with relatively little libation. You're sucking down A LOT of power related to Change and Chaos in addition to any chemical effect.


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