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UK General Election 8th June: Shake it all about?

Started by Vanadium Gryllz, February 23, 2016, 02:54:34 PM

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The PM now dsistancing himself from the report tells you everything you need to know about how well that has gone.


Quote from: Cain on April 04, 2021, 12:30:32 AM
The PM now dsistancing himself from the report tells you everything you need to know about how well that has gone.

but he's still the 'teflon toff', though - gods but its embarrasing to be a brit
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Incredibly embarassing.

Especially considering this report basically says all the same stuff that the press has been for the past decade at least, you know, racism doesn't real (except against white people), ethnic minorities are "race hustlers" who don't think so good etc, but it's done in such an atrociously bald-faced way, with such a flagrant "fuck you" that even the Tory press have disowned it.

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Brexit is fucking with my hobbies, which involve buying shit from Europe. At least half of my suppliers won't ship to Brexit Britain and by extension, Drag-out-Scotland. I'd say 'Fuck the UK,' but it's doing a great job of fucking itself... With a hammer... In the face.
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Scotland will do what they did the last time and shite out of any semblence of a future they might have had a crack at. Pretty sure Salmond has been got to. Hence the Sturgeon smear and subsequent SNP divide and conquer play. Scottish nationalists will feel the Bern and the English nationalists will clean up and sing about the 90's and red hands and white horses and whatever the fuck else it is they think their ideology means. Subjugation and stockholm syndrome need not apply.  :lulz:

I'm up to my arse in Brexit Numpties, but I want more.  Target-rich environments are the new sexy.
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It also doesn't matter because Boris Johnson is just going to say "no" regardless and the press will back him to the hilt. 130,000 unnecessary deaths and a Brexit clusterfuck that is gutting our international trade haven't caused him to change his mind, pissing off literally all of Scotland isn't going to either.


So at the last count, 6 sleaze enquiries, more overt corruption than can be easily summarised and the total resignations stands at, er, 1. Over none of the above.

"the last 36 hours has been eye opening". Silly bastard. You could have worked this out at any time over the last 36 YEARS
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I think the best part was when Labour decided they wanted to have Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair speak up on how lobbying is a noble art.

I know Starmer is fucking useless, but you'd think he'd get those two idiots to shut up for at least a day when it looked like there was a chance to hammer the Tories on something.


Fucking useless is about right. How every pmqs is not a public flogging is just bewildering.

I'm honestly considering an open letter to the chap. The lawyer shtick isn't working, you need someone willing to throw pig Latin in his face and mock the fucker until he does the decent thing and hangs himself. Possibly harsh, but I can tell you of around 130,000 others that would probably agree.

Nine naked Men just walking down the road will cause a heap of trouble for all concerned.


I try not to revel but she really got my goat with that comment a couple of years back and seeing a little bit of food shortages inspires a bit of schadenfreude in the worst part of me.

The famine In Ireland was directly caused by the UK exporting good crops and leaving nothing for the people here, three million people died, perhaps it is ignorance on her part, or a malicious little suggestion harking back to the days of genocide.

The reason I post this is the it seems the UK media are blaming pandemic for the food shortages and the media is going out of its way to not use brexit within 500 meters of any news article about food shortages.
Online I see people saying that if brexit is having an effect its only part of it and the majority of the reason is the pandemic:

Ireland, which is further from continental Europe and does not have a direct tunnel, is not experiencing any shortages, Covid is not a factor. Like at ALL. The supply chain issues the UK is currently experiencing are directly due to brexit and nothing else, but understanding why is the hard part.

Suppliers used to deliver to the UK and load up fully before returning continental Europe, now they are returning with half loads or worse, empty trucks, to avoid having to sit in customs for hours.
That is the first source of reduced shipping to the UK, its no longer as profitable for companies to do so.
The second is the driver shortage.

Again the online argument is that if drivers were paid more the issue would resolve and that businesses need to adapt and pay more. Unfortunately, while this would reduce the effect a little, the core issue is that a Driver who leaves home for delivery in France or Germany can deliver to most of the EU and be home before bed. This is incredibly difficult now with the UK, the adapting of increasing the pay for inconvenience is being forgone for personal quality of life. IE these lads dont want to shit on the side of the road in a six - eight hour wait at customs before having to resume to their destination, and then have to go home.
So the option is not just to pay for those extra hours of wait, but the inconvenience will need to be factored into the pay, you could be looking at double or triple pay to even attract the drivers back to the UK, and that is if there are no further delays added to the journey
This current problem cannot be resolved without: full autonomous truck delivery or rejoining the customs union. Or of course, get used to rickets from the lack of sale of citrus fruits.

The UK hasn't even implemented its side of the controls (which just adds to the endless catchphrase hypocrisy of "Taking back control of our borders").
This is due to happen October 1st, which it wont, because that wont just slow the supply chain further, it will grind to a standstill.

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