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Fuck It Lasagna
« on: April 13, 2016, 12:06:11 pm »
     >  2 boxes uncooked manicotti
     >  2 lbs sweet italian sausage
     >  1 onion
     >  1 to 2 red peppers (or a bunch of the itty bitty ones)
     >  so much shredded mozzarella
     >  large jar marinara

1) throw sausages in the oven until they are done. You know what done sausages look like, don't worry about it.
2) start water for pasta
3) chop onion and peppers
4) cook onion and peppers in a pan with some butter or oil or something, not too much, maybe a tablespoon or two tops.
5) put pasta in water when it boils
6) slice and halve sausages, throw in with the vegetables and turn down the heat. They will be best friends.
7) drain the manicotti before they get all floppy or this will never work
8 ) motherfucker half of these are already floppy
9) no, it's okay, I can do this, start stuffing the manicotti with pepper/onion/sausage mix
10) this is way harder than it needs to be
11) fuck why doesn't anyone like ricotta? This would be so much easier if I could just pipe in the filling
12) add some mozzarella inside the stuffed pasta for extra delicious.
13) are you kidding me? I only have three done and it's already been ten minutes?
14) I have shit to do
15) balls, all the rest of these are floppy as shit, I'll never get them stuffed
16) fuck it, lasagna
17) toss remaining pasta, pepper/sausage/onion mix, and sauce in a pan with layers of mozzarella. be sure to cover the top
18) pop that in the oven for about 30 minutes
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Re: Fuck It Lasagna
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Doing it right.