Author Topic: Turning The Cabbages Into Sauerkraut - First Step: Remove the Core  (Read 684 times)


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Turning The Cabbages Into Sauerkraut - First Step: Remove the Core
« on: September 02, 2016, 07:10:04 pm »
This thread is where we'll break down speeches, articles, and statements used to spin events and information into political justification and motivation. You can predict how certain events will be played out by the media. You can propose an event or tragedy, or piece of information, and write an article or speech in the way you think an organization might write in order to spin it for profit. You can use existing propaganda and break down the motive and persuasive mechanics used.

The main stipulation is that whatever you do, you need to break it down so that anyone reading this can understand why the topic you wrote on is being spun for political gain. Doing this will surely get us, and other readers, in the habit of spotting and tossing politicized bullshit. Obviously most of us are a bit ahead of the current in regard to being able to spot politicized bullshit. Not to mention, some of us might have ideas or perspectives on the style of politicization that others didn't think of. But I think we can have an affect on people we talk to if we have a collective analysis to present to people who bring up some of these quotes, articles, and speeches.

To have the above affect, it may be viable to grab some of the more common and popular pieces being passed around, possibly on Facebook or Twitter, and start on those first.

These can be comical, or super srs.
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