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General Trump hilarity free-for-all thread

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Anna Mae Bollocks:
Tangentially relevant:

Anna Mae Bollocks:
I'm still waiting for TFG to stroke out, though.

Brother Mythos:
Judge orders Trump to attend lecture on how not to violate evidence disclosure rules: report

It appears Judge Merchan is going to give TFG enough rope to hang himself.

Here's the link:

Brother Mythos:
Here's a lucrative investment opportunity from one of Trump's most unwavering supporters:

'I need help': MyPillow CEO 'offers stock' to recover over $40 million he lost 'trying to overturn the election'

No self-respecting MAGAt should pass up this once in a lifetime chance to get rich quick. I mean, besides TFG, who can run a business more successfully than the My Pillow Guy? And, this upcoming IPO won't be available for very long at its initial offering price.

Here's the link:

Brother Mythos:
"Trump’s Lawyers Start to Wonder if One Could Be a Snitch"

As per the article:

"With three anticipated indictments, two ongoing court cases, and an ever-expanding cadre of lawyers, former President Donald Trump is at a critical juncture—and yet his legal advisers are starting to turn on each other.

According to five sources with direct knowledge of the situation, clashing personalities and the increasing outside threat of law enforcement has sown deep divisions that have only worsened in recent months. The internal bickering has already sparked one departure in recent weeks—and that could be just the beginning.

As Trump’s legal troubles keep growing—with criminal and civil investigations in New York City, Washington, and Atlanta—so too does the unwieldy band of attorneys who simply can’t get along.

The cast of characters includes an accused meddler who has Trump’s ear, a young attorney who lawyers on the team suggested is only there because the former president likes the way she looks, and a celebrity lawyer who’s increasingly viewed with disdain. Worst of all, now that federal investigators have turned the interrogation spotlight on some of Trump’s lawyers themselves, defense attorneys on the team seem to be questioning whether their colleagues may actually turn into snitches."

This is a fairly long article. However, if you have the time to read it, I believe you'll find it provides an amusing glimpse into some of the palace intrigue TFG has instigated.

Here's the link:


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