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Brother Mythos:
"Grand jury in Trump classified documents case expected to meet this coming week after hiatus"

As per the article:

"The federal grand jury that has been hearing evidence in the Justice Department’s investigation of former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents is expected to meet again this coming week in Washington, according to multiple people familiar with the investigation."


"According to reporting from NBC News and other outlets, prosecutors face two central legal questions: 1) Did Trump wrongfully retain classified documents after he left the White House? 2) Did he later obstruct the government’s efforts to retrieve them?"

At the time of this post, many legal pundits have already gone on record stating the answer to both questions is definitely "Yes." And, many legal and political pundits are now predicting that this federal grand jury has little more to do in this case, other than to hand down a formal indictment(s).

So, let the next round of indictments begin! I can't wait to see TFG perp-walked, stuffed into an orange jumpsuit, and sent to "The Big House!"
Here's the link:

Brother Mythos:
Trials and triggers: Psychiatrists warn Trump's psychosis will grow "as he becomes more desperate"

As per the article:

"Trump's behavior is worse now but that's only because we're seeing a peeling away of his façade as he becomes more desperate; his actions and speech will continue to show more of what he really is. He's already saying he will call out the National Guard to suppress dissent, as dictators have done forever, and it would be no surprise if eventually, like Saddam Hussein when he was finally put on trial, he shouts that he is the one true ruler and any effort to hold him accountable is illegal and immoral.

Unfortunately, nations being taken over by psychopathic dictators is common in human history. It happened in Germany, in Iraq, in Russia, and for centuries earlier all over the globe. It could certainly happen to us unless enough people recognize that Trump is psychologically just another Hitler, Stalin, Saddam or the other malignant tyrants throughout history."


"The picture is clear: As the 2024 presidential campaign begins in earnest, Donald Trump will become more dangerous, violent, threatening, unhinged, and his true horrible self, further unmasked and unleashed if such a thing is even possible."

Two mental health care professionals are quoted in this article. To my surprise, one of them outright labeled TFG as "a permanent, chronic psychopath." So, I may soon have to pay off on a bet I made when I put my money on him simply being a sociopath.   

Here's the link:

Really not a fan of mental health language being used here.

Trump might be psychotic. He might also just be a bigoted fascist. Psychoanalysing him from a distance is just gross.

Brother Mythos:

--- Quote from: Scribbly on June 08, 2023, 11:30:45 am ---Psychoanalysing him from a distance is just gross.
--- End quote ---

That is why I was surprised Dr. Lance Dodes publicly diagnosed TFG as "a permanent, chronic psychopath."

I believe Dr. Mary L. Trump, TFG's niece, is more than qualified to offer a diagnosis. But, apparently, she chose not to do so in Too Much and Never Enough. Perhaps she's saving that for another book deal. Or, maybe she considers making such a diagnosis public to be unethical. In either case, I find it hard to believe she hasn't made her own diagnosis.

I doubt TFG will plead "not guilty by reason of mental defect," or something in that vein, in one of his many upcoming court cases. And, although I suspect a diagnosis by a prison mental health care professional would be part of TFG's prison record, and not covered by doctor-patient confidentiality, I'm not holding my breath waiting for that to be made public. So, we may never learn anything about any "up close and personal" diagnoses of TFG.

Doktor Howl:
I feel perfectly free to make a diagnosis.

He's an asshole, and I don't care why.


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