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Unknown Armies 3rd Ed. Holy Shit Fuck Hell Yes && Homebrew Salvage Scrap Heap

Started by Chucklemaster, May 26, 2017, 11:57:51 PM

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So, it came out last month.
I am insanely excited to play it. My current UA group is switching over to it from 2nd edition. The GM has it through less-than-legal pathways because he's got money troubles, but I'd like to get the physical books to share with him.
On a slightly related note, is broken for some weird reason.  :sad:
Luckily, I have a complete .txt copy of the Absurdomancer rules, which I'm using for my character. I'll put them on pastebin and link them later in this thread. If you have any insight and/or stuff from in-the-site, post it here if you like.
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I haven't read it yet, but near as I can tell, the idea is the metaplot of the world is moving along with ours; new archetypes are emerging, people are finally starting to figure out how to channel the Naked Goddess, etc.
There are also a couple new schools of magic(k, bleh) in the new edition. Don't know how much the rules have changed.
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