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Sources of Rage: #32,756
« on: February 01, 2017, 05:27:35 pm »
According to some dipshit Atheist Trump voter, Germany has had a serious problem with rape after letting in too many Muslims.

Much like Birth of a Nation and similar lying propaganda pieces, this is an attempt by pathetic white men to defend their violence and hatred by creating a myth of evil to surround Muslims. Clearly this tactic works, to a degree. At the very least it spreads like the clap, like Birth of a Nation did. People all over this country, even good-hearted people who ought to know better buy into the idea that black people are inherently more violent. This has excused white America's treatment of black Americans, it has enabled the redlining and gerrymandering, it has created the industrial prison complex.

It would be easier to swallow if, at ANY POINT IN MOTHERFUCKING TIME, these same exact pigfucking pieces of human garbage would EVER speak out about rape in America. But they don't. They don't bring it up, they are in fact the same pieces of shit that defend rapists and cry out about the evils of SJWs.

There isn't room on this planet for people like this.

I mean, there is, and they would happily clear out some room for themselves by wiping out an entire religion. If they get the chance, they're going to be in for a big surprise because it won't end with Muslims. That train ride never really ends until somebody else puts a stop to it.

I don't know if we, who are not white supremacist pieces of shit, will be able to put a stop to it. I don't think there's anything to depend on in that regard at this point in history.

I DO think that if these pigfuckers get their way, they won't have it long. In an almost ideal scenario, a Triumvirate between the US, Russia, and the UK forms. White supremacy attempts to take over the world. Perhaps halfway though war with China, perhaps after, when victory seems a certainty, the carbon load in the sky kills all life on earth.

I am, of course, an optimist.

The world is a car and you're the crash test dummy.