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Chelagoras The Boulder:
One thing i've always loved about Discordianism is the ability to be your own cult leader. To define what one believes for oneself without some ass with a funny hat and a book tell you whats right and wrong. Given this freedom of course, why wouldnt one dabble in the weirder, spicier, more adventurous entrees of the philosophical buffet? i know i always have and i'm betting i'm not alone. So i've been thinking what we need here is a place to bring out our weirdest beliefs, the irrational, the superstitious, the absolute bugfuck, and talk about them without judging mocking or deciding who's imaginary friends are the best. I'll go first.

-in addition to being a Pope, I am also a Dudeist priest, because apparently one joke religion wasn't enough for me
-In addition to that, I am also a Unitarian Universalist, because it's nice to have a community of people around me who, as far as i can tell, worship The Idea of Not Being An Asshole.
-I dabble in Chaos magic and such and the reason i'm not more into it is I'm a little afraid it might a actually work.
-I also dabble in a bit of Zen buddhism, specifically listening to Alan Watts whenever i'm bored.
-I have listened to Grant Morrison describe the universe as a giant life form (like a Space baby or a giant egg) and decided fuck it, i like it, makes sense to me.
-I am you and you are me and we are all together. koo koo ka choo

The Good Reverend Roger:
I am a Discordian and a Subgenius, and I have Last Thursdayist leanings.

But mostly I'm a Subgenius, I think.  They understand doom.  They are no less prone to infighting and toxicity, of course, but they are less self-righteous about it.  There's no posing behind ideological bullshit, Legume hates Stutler, Nenslo hates everyone, and nobody claims to have the "moral high ground".  It's refreshing, in a way.

I frequently assume that educated people are by definition better people. 

I have become emotionally-fatigued about justice, and the fate of the world, and all of God's horrible little children.

The Good Reverend Roger:

- I spent 15 years trying to be something I'm not.  I don't recommend that to anyone.
- I spent 6 years allowing myself to be destructively conditioned by an abusive person.  I also do not recommend that to anyone.
- I tried kicking monkeys into the future, which was stupid.  If you want them to accept it, you have to sell it to them.
- I haven't been to Boston for like four and a half years.

Ben Shapiro:
The only constant in the multiverse is Texas.
Rock n Roll isn't for the weak that's why there's Yoga.

tyrannosaurus vex:
There is a law, like a law of physics but worse, that says the universe and everything that happens inside it must take the most tedious path possible. For any given number of equally plausible explanations for any phenomenon, the most boring one will always turn out to be the correct one.

The path that leads to enlightenment also leads to sneaking around in the dark in your own house at 3 AM trying to evade phantom cops and stubbing your toe on the fucking coffee table again, and that's why nobody's interested.

What happened to the 1960s is personified by Pink Floyd: a few people that could have threatened the establishment let their art go to their heads and turned into High Definition Showcase caricatures of themselves.


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