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--- Quote from: TheAudience on June 11, 2021, 03:55:55 pm ---Here's my woo. I get that this is just too small of a statistical sample to really draw conclusions, but it feels like I happen to be around right before the end of stuff a lot.

There was a podcast that I enjoyed, back when I liked the idea of guru's and self help stuff. I reached out to communicate with the creator, as it happens, I was the first listener to reach out to them, they invited me on the show. That was the last episode they produced for several years. After a while I reached out to them again, they did another short season interviewing various individuals including myself, the episode with my interview was the last episode they produced before going silent for several more years. Eventually the podcast came back, but by then I'd grown disillusioned with guru's and the host had gone full on "Affiliate Marketing/ the Secret" and I just stopped listening.

I had a job as a material handler for a few years at the place my dad worked. When I started, there was 7 material handlers, by the time I was laid off, there was 3, and I was the one who picked up the work for all the ones that were fired/quit. When I was laid off, it was a blanket layoff of all contract workers, I guess they were hoping we'd all reapply at worse wage rates. Two days before the layoff I asked my supervisors if I was going to be part of the layoffs, they assured me that I was too valuable to be laid off. Guess they didn't know shit. I kept tabs on how things were going there by chatting with my dad. Within a few months, the company shipped my dad's department, one of the few solid money making departments in the plant, to another facility half way across the country. My dad went and worked for a local competitor for the last few years before retirement. Before he left he told me there were plans to rent out a huge portion of the building to another company. I've seen multiple people who used to work there show up working for my current job. They all said that place went downhill fast after the layoffs.

The job I had in between that job and the one I have currently, it was a small mom and pop tv repair shop. The former owner and his wife handled the business, he ran in home repair jobs, she ran the front desk/schedules/shipping & receiving/invoicing/payment processing. The new owner hired me to do what the former owner's wife did. I had that job for less than a year. It was an exciting nightmare and burnt me the fuck out. I left because the new owner had unacceptably shady business practices and because I found a much lower stress union job that paid like $5/hr more. Shortly after I left, the business lost the property and moved to another location, one of the technicians left and the other one was strongly considering quitting when I last heard from him.

It is more of a joke woo of mine, but sometimes my brain entertains such a bizarre causality. My arrival somehow signals the end of stuff. I am become harbinger of the Eschaton.

--- End quote ---
Well, guess that's the end of - it's been real fun, y'all

I'll light the candles and get my mascara

Chelagoras The Boulder:
remember to turn off the lights and leave the chairs on the tables when you go, Audience.


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