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Traditional follower of Esoteric Order of Dagon here, I'm just an old fashioned guy who likes a cold beer, long strolls on moonlit beaches and living in fear of the dreamer waking and the universe ceasing to be.

The Wizard Joseph:
I'm about 90% certain that multiple versions of this world exist and that the universe is entirely electrical, that is to say that "gravity" is merely the electromagnetic force operating on an unthinkable scale because mass is in fact infinite... and we and the "universe" are just charge coming off of a hyper-particle and accelerating towards another.

Also... sometimes it would seem that God responds to my prayers. This is not always a good thing like they tell you in the churches. Maybe I need to swear and cuss less, but G don't seem to mind. If anything it's better than all the "praise" spam G usually gets. G assures me that the whole gravity thing above is nothing I need worry about.

I can't shake the simulation hypothesis. I don't believe it, on account of I'm physically incapable of believing anything but it does seem statistically most likely that we're in the matrix or, more precisely, we're in a Matrix within a Matrix, within a near infinite regression of matryoshka simluations.

I prefer science and technology to religion and superstition but, that said, if you really want to properly fuck with people's heads religion and superstition has the scientific method banged to rights

Chelagoras The Boulder:
I believe transhumanism is the next logical step in human evolution and, if implemented properly, has the potential to make us MORE human not less, by bypassing certain defects leftover from being cavemen, such as the monkeysphere problem. I think that in the future they'll come up with a kind of synthetic neural pathway that allows the frontal lobe to respond to stimuli at the same time as the older lizard brain parts, thus allowing our brains to respond with logic about as quickly as it does emotion.

Ben Shapiro:
It's not,but it will make humanity more hilarious. Class warfare with competiting human upgrades.


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