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Re: Film Flam
« Reply #810 on: June 08, 2019, 05:33:32 am »
So, here's something I have a love-hate thing with about movies nowadays, especially horror/drama type things; discourse, especially of the family variety. From the character motivations, to the family dynamic (or lack thereof), to the symbolism of the big bad ruining our heroes lives, or the big spookum looking to murder them in the woods, there are a lot of family relationship struggles in this genre.

On one hand, I like it because it's nice to see flawed human beings dealing with their shit, it's nice seeing what people take solace in when in danger, and how they develop as a person as the result of a crisis. Family issues should be highlighted, because they can fuck a person up, and that kind of damage is neat to explore in film.

On the other hand, I'm realizing that I don't much care for the "angsty teen has to come to terms with her family members who don't see eye to eye to her, and mommy is dead, and there are two creepy kids trying to get into the trailer, and once they're done with it all and she learns to love her little sister, she finally calls the husband "dad" again and they can be happy now that the evil is vanquished" structure that I've been noticing lately. I wouldn't call it bad writing, but it's overplayed. Predictable. The big spookums could pass as real threats before, but now their inexplicable ties to the emotions and grief that main-character-person needs to accept/let go of/give yaself unto Jayzus just kinda cheapens the near-death experiences and bonding through fear. There is no real threat, just screaming "get over your problems already and the thing will leave you alone!" I suppose there might be some meta commentary here about how it's not that easy, but for as right as that is, I can't bring myself to care when we're talking about spookums preying on actor mcangstyteen from TV land.
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