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Cooking Combos

Started by OS Not Found, January 28, 2018, 06:56:43 AM

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OS Not Found

More often than cooking a meal, I grab a couple of handfuls of various things, usually dry things but sometimes wet, and place them in my mouth for safe-keeping. This thread is for successful combos. I recommend any hands involved to be washed before trying any of these recipes. If you will not or cannot wash the hands, wearing clean gloves can work as well.

1. Grab some pineapple, grab some banana peppers, grab a lot of spinach. Place them in the mouth or on something else, like a pizza or bread. Then place the something else in the mouth.

2. Grab some white onion, grab some white peaches, and grab some vegetable stock. More peach than onion, just enough stock to cook the stuff down. Cook the stuff down and then move to the mouth or put stuff in it and then to the mouth. This is my go-to soup base, but I usually just eat the base instead of making a souperstructure.

3. Grab a can of tomato soup, grab a box of crackers, and grab a cup of orange juice. I have not tried heating or diluting the soup or mixing the orange juice with the soup directly, so I cannot recommend those strategies, but if you mix the soup and the orange juice, you will need to remove the soup from the can first. But if they mix they will also become the same temperature which is not ideal. The orange juice should be at least a bit colder. Tomato soup -> orange juice -> repeat. Use crackers as needed. A watery hot sauce can be mixed into the soup for added flair.

Good luck!
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