It's funny how the position for boot-licking is so close to the one used for curb-stomping.

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Started by Don Coyote, March 08, 2018, 05:59:40 AM

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Don Coyote

I just want everyone to know the hatred that flowing through my veins caused by this garbage assbutts game I felt compelled to read: Monsterhearts.

SWEET FUCK. I thought the stories of it being about playing supernatural teenagers fucking we the same of stories as the "let's harass the only woman at our D&D group for being a woman and not a real gamer" or "dare you enter my magical piss forest realm." Nope, the game is literally about playing horny teenagers who are also supernatural creatures. The rules about fucking and turning on other pcs.

While I am a "you do you" about games, still, why the fuck do folks in their 30s-40s play a game about....oh wait nevermind.

Let's take a perfectly good concept "supernatural spooky high school" and make it about fucking sex and nothing but sex and/or "dark impulses." Get over the fact that you couldn't get laid in high school and were treated like shit. High school fucking sucked. We know. We all had shitty high schools. We all wanted to fuck Buffy Summers when we 15 and be kick ass sexy monsters of the night.

Don Coyote

 Monsterhearts is the RPG equivalent of lolicon, only it hides behind a veneer of being a, and direct quote, "queer [game]... that it pushes back against the heterosexist framework that underlies so many of our culture's stories. When you play, you contend with all the chaotic possiblity and uncertainty of desire." (p 6)

It hides behind being:

about the messy lives of teenagers who are secretly monsters. It explores the terror and confusion of having a body that is changing without your permission. The monstrosity of these characters is literal: they are vampires, werewolves, witches, and more. But their monstrosity is also allegorical, standing in for experiences of alienation, shame, queerness, and
self-destruction. (p 7)

See it's ok to RP as horny teenages because it's also allegory.

There is some decent advice on running and playing an RPG in the game, but you can find similar good advice in other books on the craft of being a GM and/or player all over the internet and in books specifically on those topics, all without having to wade through a game about being horny teenagers.

And if you don't know what lolicon is? It's fetishsizing little girls. It's making pornographic materials depicting underage girls that hides behind being non-photographic visual depictions of this, so the little girls aren't real so it's "not causing actual harm" Although it does. It's been used for years in Japan by pedophiles to tell children that this kind of shit is ok between an adult and a child.


Just wait until someone does a FATAL crossover...

Don Coyote